Day-O, Day-O, Harry Belafonte Shut Your Blowhole

I get tired of performers, especially aged, unimportant ones, telling me what I should believe and making statements that are supposed to make listeners believe that what they say is important or relevant. Harry Belafonte is an old mouthy has been (and never was much) performer who thinks his life experiences gives him license to call the President names and tell the rest of America what to think. Belafonte was in Venezuela recently and he said that George Bush was the greatest terrorist in the world.

Harry was in New York and he compared the Department of Homeland Security to the Gestapo. Why is it the left continually compares the war on terror to Vietnam and the current administration to Nazi Germany? This seems to be the new tactic for the left. They continually drone on making poor comparisons of this administration to Hitler’s Germany. Belafonte must think that this tired rhetoric is original and effective. Harry must think the DHS is dragging people out of their homes, placing them in cattle cars, and sending them to gas chambers instead of protecting the citizens of this great country. Here is a clue Harry, in case your Alzheimer’s is interfering with your brain function, if this really were like Nazi Germany and the DHS really were like the Gestapo, you would be in jail or dead by now.

Yes Harry, you, Sheehan, Jackson, Sharpton, Kerry, Kennedy and every other weak willed, noodle-spined liberal who has opened his mouth against the government would be in jail or dead. That Harry, is how Hitler and his Nazis handled people like you. That Harry, is how Hitler and his Nazis were able to take over the country and kill millions of people. Instead Harry, the men and women of our armed forces, of which you were once a member, protect each and every day, your right to open your mouth and say stupid things. Yes Harry, people who do not know you and who probably disagree with you, fight every day so that you can be as stupid as you want.

So Harry, the next time you are going to open your mouth and make comparisons to Nazi Germany remember that if it were true you would be dead.


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