Darth Boehner And The RINO Empire Strike Back

John Boehner was reelected as Speaker of the House even though he faced the strongest revolt since about the time of the Civil War. More than twenty Republicans cast a vote for someone else as Speaker. This is supposed to be their vote and they can do with it as they wish. These folks were upset that Boehner continually gives in to Barack Obama and the Democrats and they were particularly upset with the most recent budget deal that fully funds Obamacare and does not stop Obama’s illegal actions on immigration.

After Boehner won he started exacting revenge on those who voted against him. Two members have been removed from the Rules Committee and one has been removed as the sponsor (or cosponsor) of a bill.

According to a recent poll 60% of Republicans who voted wanted John Boehner replaced as Speaker. I am one of those people. Boehner has shown no backbone and his tear filled emotions do not portray an image of a strong leader. Certainly there are appropriate times to cry but this man blubbers when the lights get turned on.

Republicans who opposed Boehner knew there would be hell to pay despite assurances from the Speaker that this would not happen. Here is a shocker, Boehner lied. Of course he is not doing it directly. His surrogates are doing it to keep him from being the one pulling the trigger. It is a cowardly way to do business.

Boehner and the Republicans run around telling us how they plan to turn things around and govern as conservatives but it is all smoke and mirrors. Representatives were more concerned with committee assignments and office space than they were the well being of the Republic. They turned their backs on the people who put them in office.

Boehner now has a larger majority and will rarely need the votes of the small group of actual conservative members but I am willing to bet that things are going to get real nasty real fast.

It is a shame that Boehner, who ridiculed Pelosi’s and Obama’s leadership, has turned out to be quite like them. He is mean spirited and petulant and punishes those who disagree with him.

I remain a registered Republican because you have to have party affiliation to vote in my state’s primaries but I am done with the party.

I am a conservative and will support politicians who espouse conservative values.

On the plus side, this vote and the childish behavior of the crybaby Speaker will allow me to have quite a bit of fun the next time some Republican group calls to beg for my money.

Republicans, enjoy what you have right now because the way you act and govern you will not be in power very long. I would not be surprised to see the Senate flip back in 2016 as the nation gets a new Democrat/Socialist as President and it will all be due to your lack of conservative values.

Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election because millions of Republicans stayed home out of disgust. How many do you think will stay home in 2016?

I won’t stay home because I see voting as a civic obligation BUT I will not be voting for my Representative. I imagine there will be plenty of folks who feel the same way.

The Republicans and the Democrats in Congress are not very different. They are different wings of the same bird and they are taking us in the same direction to the same place.

The biggest difference is Democrats are taking us there on a jetliner and the Republicans are on a freight train.

The end result is the same and with Boehner as the conductor there will be no switching tracks though he might upgrade to the express train.

I might be wrong and the reality is only time will tell but I doubt Boehner will get tough on Democrats after he has been working with them for so long. I would like to see him be as tough on them as he is on the real conservatives (particularly the Tea Party types) in Congress but that is unlikely to happen. He might surprise me but with rumors flying that he will help with amnesty for the law breakers here illegally and with his actions to push a spending bill until the end of the fiscal year I doubt we will see much to be happy with from him.

This country is in decline and the list names leading the charge starts with Obama and includes Boehner…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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3 Responses to “Darth Boehner And The RINO Empire Strike Back”

  1. victoria says:

    I don’t think you are wrong. This country is like lemmings going off the cliff though because we keep voting for these bozos from both parties. We can’t get away from them.