Danger? Send Hillary

Hillary Clinton, fighting back at B. Hussein Obama’s quip that her eight years at the White House were a glorified tea party stated that she risked her life on some of the missions she was sent on. She stated that on one trip she was in a plane that had to corkscrew into the landing zone and that they had to sprint to avoid snipers. The report indicates that her trip was a goodwill tour with Sinbad and Cheryl Crow and also included her daughter Chelsea who was 15 at the time. This information came from her book “Living History” (or making it up anyway).

Hillary said that if the trip was a dangerous one the dictum was to send her:

The dictum around the Oval Office in the ’90s, she added, was: “If a place was too dangerous, too poor or too small, send the first lady.” Newsday

Hillary has been taking daughter Chelsea on the campaign trail but will not let her speak to reporters because the Clintons, as they always have, protect their daughter from the ugliness of politics. They do not want her to be scarred by the process and they have to look like good parents. Hillary has to look like a woman who balanced a career and motherhood. So what kind of mother takes her 15 year old daughter on such dangerous trips? What does this dictum say about Bill’s manliness?

If the trip was so dangerous and she risked her life why, if she is so wonderful, did she also risk the life of her 15 year old daughter. It seems rather disingenuous to say that Chelsea may not speak to the press because she needs to be protected and then tell everyone that she was put at risk of losing her life by the very mother who claims to protect her.

I also wonder if it ever occurred to her that they kept sending her on dangerous trips for a reason (if, in fact they did). Perhaps they wanted Satan out of the way on a more permanent basis…

And before anyone says that I am wishing death on her keep in mind that I did not send her and I did not tell her to take her kid with her. I just reported what came out of her mouth. She went on dangerous missions and she was such a great parent that she took her kid with her.

If she becomes president then the US will have been sent on a dangerous mission that will end in disaster. She is Satan (and not such a good mother).

Big Dog

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2 Responses to “Danger? Send Hillary”

  1. irtexas44 says:


    They don’t dare let Chelsea talk. Notice how when the Beast hugs her she goes ridged. She usually doesn’t go anywhere with out her father in between them. Chelsea grew up in spite of the beast. When I heard the sniper lie I liked to have gaged. Then I was going through Real Facts and scrolled through her chat with Woffie Blitzit and when she said that she didn’t want to make Bhutto’s death political when Woffie said that Oblama and Blinky had done. They didn’t run out in front of the crowd with a picture and start gushing about them being friends. Another gag moment. Then Wolfie said he gave her an opening to go at Oblama and she took the high road and didn’t say anything about him. I think I up to BARF. She just came on again and I am now up to pucketh.

  2. […] the story many times but misspoke this once. Once again I must say bull crap! I wrote about this in December of last year and Newsday.com had the story which described her harrowing experience. I knew Hillary was lying […]