Dan Rather is a Pathetic Man

CBS’ 60 Minutes II aired a story this week that reported there were new memos obtained from the files of George Bush’s now deceased former commander. The day after the show aired the memos were scrutinized and many experts believed them to be forgeries. I will not bore you with why, you can read all about that at Blogs for Bush. When this scrutiny surfaced, Rather stated that if there was evidence to show them as fake he would go on the air and say so. During this controversy, Pat Caddell stated that if these are found to be false the presidential race is over.
Rather did the CBS Evening News today and stated the documents were real. He based this assertion on the testimony of one expert in document analysis and the words of a former member of Bush’s Guard Unit. He did not ask the widow or son of the commander, both of whom claimed that this would be out of character for the man and that he spoke highly of George Bush. He did not have other document experts on who could debate the veracity of the memos. He did not address the claims about how memos reportedly from the 70’s looked like they were produced with technology from well after that time period. No, Dan did not do any real investigative reporting like CBS use to be known for.
This was part of the agenda. Rather could not show in any way, shape, or form, that these were phony because it might mean curtains for Kerry. This would be contrary to everything he and the rest of the media wing of the democratic party stand for. What a pathetic man he has become. Of course, Rather has jumped the gun before and as usual he does not let facts get in the way of a story that pushes his agenda.
Yes, Dan Rather is pathetic and he has lost what little credibility he had.

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