Dan Rather in Iraq

Dan Rather is serving duty in Iraq. I assume he is there to cover the elections but knowing Dan, he could be looking for more documents that incriminate the President. It is amazing they would let him cover the elections there. I am listening to him now and what does he lead with. Pre-election violence and more American troops dead. If he takes as long there as he did to call Ohio for Bush (has he called it yet?), he might be there past his retirement date.

Perhaps while Dan is there he can hook up with the bad guys and see how they feel about things. You know the guys I mean. The ones with the long knives who saw off people’s heads. Maybe ole Dan can convince them to be good. I wonder if they might consider hacking off his head to show him they are equal opportunity terrorists?

Of course, the way Dan operates, he would have some underlings take the fall for him so he could walk away scott free while his peons are screaming their heads off.

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