Daily Kos; Federal Election Violations??

John Bambenek has written a great article over at Blog Critics indicating that he has filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission against Kos Media LLC (the Daily Kos folks). Bambenek was compelled to do so after Kos admitted a number of times that his blog exists to get Democrats elected.

Since Kos generates quite a bit of money from his blog and likely donated more than the limit (the cost of the web service that exists to get Democrats elected) it is quite possible that he could be in trouble. It would be kind of nice to see all these bed-wetting thumb-suckers get all uptight about this complaint. Maybe, it will hit Kos hard in his pocketbook just before his convention, where incidentally, the Democratic Presidential candidates will be. I recall the words Kos used to describe the contractors who were burned to death and hung from a bridge in Iraq and it seems to sum up how I feel about what might happen with the FEC complaint:

Screw them.

Wild Bill at Passionate America (he has a great picture of Kos who could be another Breck girl)

Big Dog

Just for a disclosure, this blog generates very little income and no income from this blog goes to political candidates. As a private citizen I have refused to donate due to my party’s departure from Conservative values.

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3 Responses to “Daily Kos; Federal Election Violations??”

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