Daily Kos and the Rest of the Anti-American Idiots

Have any of you ever seen the guy who runs the Daily Kos website? He is this nerdy, pansy looking guy that looks like he is afraid of his own shadow. Now, he wields a lot of power in the Liberal blogosphere to be sure and any Lib who crosses the “Kos” will certainly experience his wrath. Kos has the resources to muster a lot of moonbats and have them donate to his half baked causes. Kos hates Conservatives and he hates Bush (who is not a Conservative). Kos allows his moonbat buddies to foam at the mouth while writing with one hand and pleasuring themselves with the other all in the name of Liberalism.

Kos and his idiot following hate America, they disagree with the war, and they would love nothing more than to succumb to Sharia Law and follow the teachings of Satan’s brother, Mohammad the false Prophet. The people at his site and those they link to are really pathetic and think they know what is best for this country when the truth is most of them could not pour piss out of a boot if the directions were written on the bottom. That does not stop them from their stupidity.

Interestingly, these same folks who say they desire peace (you know everyone holding each other’s hands and singing) have no problem either wishing violence on others or making threats. When Wild Bill exposed the Page who outed Mark Foley and showed this person was not a child he had tens of thousands of hits to his website and a large number were from the Kos yahoos who made threats against Bill and his family. Of course, that is the great thing about the Internet, a coward can make threats from the safety of his house (or in the Kos kids case, mommy’s basement). These same tough guys who made the threats would wet themselves if they actually met someone face-to-face and had to communicate a threat. They would realize that they are likely to get an ass whipping for running off at the mouth. They would cower and slither away, back to their keyboards to make more threats, ooh real men.

The Kos kids and the other idiots that Pee Wee Kos links to are like Saddam Hussein. A lot of bravado when it does not matter or there is no opposition but full of fear when made to face the music. I will link to one item that Kos printed. It comes from this site and is written by an anti-American, anti-Christian jackass who calls himself General somebody. His rank is more appropriately Major as in Major Screw-up. With idiots like this and Steve “Sambo**” Gilliard (with Jen his trusty sidekick in stupidity who cry about Hussein getting what he deserved) it is no wonder people think Senator Tim Johnson has better brain function than most Liberals.

EDIT **This refers to what Gilliard did to Michael Steele. He portrayed him in blackface and called him Simple Sambo so if you want to call anyone a racist or KKK member, send your comments to Gilliard. This clarification brought to you by commenter Kevin who is a bit out of touch.

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16 Responses to “Daily Kos and the Rest of the Anti-American Idiots”

  1. bewert says:

    Hey mushbrain, want to do something productive other than splorking on your keyboard, you could go to this Rec List DailyKos diary and help out our troops.

    Oh, I forgot, you’re just another member of the Keyboard 101st.

    If you think just because we want universal health insurance, like every other fu*king developed country in the world, and a living wage, that we want Sharia Law, you are truly a fu*king idiot.

  2. bewert says:

    Sorry, I see you actually served from your About profile. My bad.

    And I very much agree with you in this point: “…does not stop taking away the rights guaranteed under our Constitution…”

    Thing is, Bush has taken away more than any president in history, with the Patriot Act, the NSA wiretapping and the MCA abrogating habeus corpus.

    Besides, what are we doing in a place where the kids are playing games about killing us? War is fine, if for self-defense. If someone invaded us my .370 would definitely be aimed at the invaders rather than elk. But fighting someone elses’ war halfwar across the world? That’s what the British tried to do, and it led to the founding of our great nation.

  3. Big Dog says:

    We could debate the pros and cons of the war and whether we should be there all day but regardless of how one feels and regardless of it was a right or wrong decision the fact is we are there and as such, we need to win. We can do so but we need to abandon all these ideas about being gentle. We need to be as or more ruthless as the people we are fighting, including not worrying about the kids you describe.

    There is no loss of rights, from what I see, under the Patriot Act. The NSA phone taps comply with laws that have been established and debated in courts and ruled upon by judges. These were debated and ruled upon when Clinton and Carter were doing the same things and the courts found in favor of those presidents. Bush deserves the same consideration. Bush is the president and all the hatred in the world will not change that so it might be helpful if we worked together to accomplish victory.

    There are a number of reasons we invaded Iraq and some are quite valid. Liberals talk about the “real” terrorists and enemies and say that is who we should have invaded but no matter who we went after Libs would find fault with it. I am not a war monger, I believe in the Mr. Miagi point of view. Fighting not good but if must fight, win.

    I agree that if we were invaded that I would fight just as you would. I also know that a large number of those in Iraq are from other countries looking to kill Americans. I would much rather take care of them there than here but in any event, we are there and must win. No one prays for peace more than the soldier for it is he who must bear the burden of its alternative.

  4. Kevin Hayden says:

    Okay, so I followed your link bait from General JC Christian’s site.

    And I found you calling Steve Gilliard ‘Sambo’.

    That’s enough reading for me. There actually ARE some AmeriKKKans who should be quickly marginalized by anyone Left, Right, Center who has a pulse.

  5. Ungh says:

    You do realize Markos Moulitsas is a veteran, right? Or do just right wingers count?

  6. Big Dog says:

    See Kevin, this is what happens to liberals when they are uninformed. They call people names that are not deserved. The reference to Gilliard and Sambo was to the photo of Michael Steele that Gilliard altered and put blackface all over. He was the one that used the word Sambo to refer to Michael Steele and that was what the reference was to. Of course, your first liberal instinct was to throw the race card and equate me to the KKK.

    So here is the challenge dip stick. Come back here and write a comment calling Gilliard the racist and hater because of his depiction of Steele. I won’t count on it because that would take guts.

    You can start getting information by looking here.

  7. Big Dog says:

    If that is the case then I thank him for his service but I fail to see what that has to do with anything. I did not attack him for his service, matter of fact I said he wields a lot of power but that he looked nerdy and afraid of his own shadow. Most of what I objected to was content.

    However, just because Kos was in the service does not make him right (just like my service does not make me right) the fact is we served. I will remind you that the people who were convicted/accused at Abu Ghrabe are veterans as well. Do they get a pass because of it or is it OK to attack them if we disagree with them (which I have)?

  8. marsh says:

    Wow, there’s sure a lot of bluster and school-yard gaycalling here but there isn’t much substance.

  9. antimedia says:

    John Kerry was in the service too. So what? No one who ever served and has more than a half a nut left respects him for his “service” or for what he did afterwards. Markos is no better. He’s a leftist scumbag who could care less about truth or our troops. He’s the one who, in reaction to the Americans who were burned and hanged from a bridge in Fallujah said, “Screw them.” He deserves all the criticism we can give him, and his service means nothing to us. Let him rot in hell with the rest of the liberal liars.

  10. “John Kerry was in the service too.”

    So was Benedict Arnold.

  11. Big Dog says:

    Marsh, there was until you commented.

    John Kerry was in the service and his actions after drew a lot of fire. He made his service a central theme to his candidacy and was slapped down for it. That is his fault and his problem. If he were so proud of his service he would have served more honorably.

    Benedict Arnold was in the service and, like Kerry, he was a traitor. Back then we knew how to deal with traitors.

    George Bush was in the service but the moonbats discount that and say he used his service to dodge the war. These are the same moonbats who excused Clinton’s obvious efforts to stay out of the war. Those efforts included lying and getting in the ROTC only to back out when he realized his draft number would not be called. Those who praised Clinton chided Bush (who actually served).

  12. bj1 says:

    Good job Big Dog ! Im in complete agreement with you on all counts… bj1

  13. D. Ox says:

    I have yet to encounter a Lib blogger or commenter who is capable of minimal logic, of distinguishing between the grossest (i.e. greatest and most simple, for the moonbats)moral comparisons, or has the slightest familiarity with history or economics. Careful reading apparently was also banned from their elementary school curriculum, lost somewhere between absolutely condeming moral absolutes (huh???) and embracing diversity (there really aren’t enough Saddam’s in the world). Oh, brother.

  14. Ray says:

    Business as usual, give them hell Big Dog ! anyone with some common sense knows that now as our service men are fighting and dying is not the time to debate their duty to their country. A lot would have Saddam still in power handing out checks to terrorists. But you know a lot still think we are there for the oil, and they think 9-11 was conspiracy, What you gonna do ?

  15. Biff Spaceman says:

    You are a liar and a blow hard. The GOP wants sharia law, they just want to call it Christian America. Same difference.
    Kerry was the real deal and you let a bunch of paid liars and pansies slander his service and shame all Purple Heart recipients with your purple heart band aid stunt at the GOP meeting. Luckily there are very few GOP military heroes to be embarrassed by that. Most had “better things to do” like Cheney 6 deferments or too drunk for duty Bush Jr.
    Bill Clinton is the big dog, you aren’t what a big dog leaves behind. In your case, the roar of the masses is farts.

  16. Big Dog says:

    Biff (that is what we call guys with their sweaters tied around their necks while they drink coffee with their fingers in the air) it is so nice of you to lift your knuckles off the floor long enough to chime in.

    If you think Kerry was the real deal you have little knowledge of what real is. Ask him to release his military records so we can see his dishonorable discharge. His medals meant so much he threw them over the White House fence only to later claim they were someone else’s. He received Purple Hearts for scratches (and a self inflicted would, accidental but self inflicted). Many folks got deferments. Bush served but you are too ignorant to actually see that. If you believe that Clinton is anything other than a rapist you are nuts. As for the Big Dog, I had that name while Bill was groping women in Arkansas. He is not fit to clean my latrines much less carry that name.

    You are deluded by blind hatred, which is fine but when you come here at least have something half way intelligent to write. Your kind, Biffy, is a tiresome bunch of R-tards who believe that Kerry and Clinton are heroes while you bad mouth the men and women who are serving and ARE the real heroes.

    Crawl back down mommy’s basement stairs and let her tuck you in so you can dream about Hillary.