Cynthia McKinney Throws A Parting Shot (and not at a cop)


Cynthia McKinney, the ousted Congresswoman from Georgia, has fired a parting shot at the President and at the new Democratic leadership by introducing a bill to impeach the President. The bill has no chance of passing but the moonbat racist, anti-Semite from Georgia had to try and stir up more controversy and make it tough for the incoming leaders.

McKinney maintains that Bush is not the legitimately elected President (she still can not get over the fact that he won) because she suffers from Bush Derangement Syndrome. She believes that Bush knew about the 9/11 attacks prior to the event and kept quiet so his business buddies could profit from the event. Of course, this is all mindless prattle from an idiot who thinks the world owes her because she is black. She is a thug, a criminal, and probably a gang banger (as in the street gang). She is absolutely enthralled with Tupac Shakur, the idiot rapper who was gunned down by rival gang members. McKinney has tried to establish a collection of the trash he sold as music in the National Archives and she tried to get a federal investigation into the death of Shakur.

I can clear this up for McKinney. Tupac was a gang member, thug, dope smoking, law breaking, thieving, murdering, waste of human flesh and he was killed because those were his good qualities. Obviously, McKinney likes that lifestyle and that is why she felt it was OK to punch a cop. She, of course, played the race card and charges were never filed and one has to wonder why. She is lucky that I was not he cop she punched. She would have found herself face down on the concrete with cuffs on having her rights read to her.

But what can anyone expect from a race baiter? McKinney uses the thugs from the Nation of Islam as body guards. These are a bunch of Islamic thugs who hate Jews and white people. When McKinney lost they spewed anti-Semitic and anti white words in front of the cameras and they threatened a Jewish news worker. McKinney is an idiot and she is a racist idiot at that. She hates white people and Jews and everything that happens, to her, is an act of oppression by whitey.

The article indicates that McKinney’s post Congress plans have not been revealed. I have an idea, she can join the circus and be a clown. With that hair of hers and that goofy look on her face she would not even need make-up. She could even get a role as Buckwheat if they remake the Little Rascals show. Look at that picture in the article and tell me she would not make a great Buckwheat (Otay Panky). It is interesting that it took the people for Georgia this long to can this stupid racist but at least she is gone. Now if we can only make that permanent.


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