Cultural Cleansing; Liberals the New Nazis

And there are a few Republicans who claim to be conservative right along with them.

The time leading up to and during World War II Adolph Hitler engaged in a cultural cleansing. This was in addition to the ethnic cleansing that involved ridding society of undesirable people. These folks were mostly Jewish but there were also Christians, the mentally ill and homosexuals who were sent to concentration camps only to be forced into labor and then exterminated. ISIS is involved in cultural cleansing so if Nazi offends you then the liberals can be the western ISIS…

Interestingly, Hitler imposed strict gun control prior to his ethnic cleansing. Everyone had to register their firearms and on the form they had to indicate their religion. The Nazis knew who had guns and more importantly, which Jews had guns. The Nazis first disarmed them and once their means to resist was eliminated the Jews were rounded up for extermination, or the final solution…

It is no secret that liberals in this nation want to disarm all people. They can make claims to the contrary but the reality is their idea of common sense gun laws involves making guns illegal and taking them from everyone. Like Hitler, the liberals want all firearms registered so that the government knows who owns the arms. That makes it much easier to confiscate them. You see, once a law is passed our government will send its own storm troopers to take our arms by force.

Once they have taken our means to resist we are at their mercy. They know this. They know that the only way dictators and oppressive governments are successful is when the people are disarmed and ruled with iron fists. Those in office who want to take our arms (it starts with common sense and works to disarming) are no different than the tyrants who have murdered millions of people throughout history.

Hitler’s cultural cleansing campaign was against degenerative art which he believed would cleanse the psyche of the German people. Cleanse them and it is easier to turn them against the undesirable people. Subjugate them and they are too afraid to say anything about what is going on even if they disagree.

Once a culture has been beaten into submission it is easy to do what you desire to the people because they lose the will to resist.

We are at a point of cultural cleansing in our nation. The shooting of nine black people at a church in South Carolina by a racist moron has renewed the fight to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from all aspects of our culture. People decry it as a symbol of hate and intolerance rather than a symbol of times past, a piece of history. The cultural cleansing started as a call for the removal of the flag in South Carolina and rapidly moved to calls for the removal across all states that have that flag flying. This cultural cleansing is a renewal of the same calls for that flag to be removed we see every time a presidential election approaches. Liberals love to use the flag to call Republicans racist and garner votes. As an aside, when Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter used the flag as part of their campaign items liberals supported them.

This time the shooting provided a perfect opportunity for the cleansers to push once again. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

The cultural cleansing has moved from flags to monuments as many politicians are calling for the removal of statues and monuments to the people who fought for the Confederacy. Some businesses like Wal Mart and Amazon have removed all confederate flag items from their shelves and will no longer sell those things.

It has now morphed into suggestions that military posts named after Confederate Generals be renamed. Are you fricking kidding me? Have we devolved into such pussified wimps that the names of military posts offend us?

What about the monuments and statues that honor the union soldiers. Suppose people find those to be hateful because the north used aggression on the south? If anyone can be offended and have something removed how far will we go?

This is all part of the Alinsky plan. The liberal left and some of its allies on the right are working to disrupt our society and to change it into the Socialist Utopia they have always dreamed of. They take these kinds of issues, redefine the narrative and then pit people against each other over contrived issues so that we are constantly in disarray as they continue to creep into our lives and take over everything we do.

This cultural cleansing is designed to redefine our nation and to piss off a bunch of people who had nothing to do with what happened over 150 years ago.

Be careful folks because as you destroy part our nation’s history and demand things be changed or removed the same thing can happen to other items of our nation’s history that you find no fault with. This is how they pit people against each other and it is working.

Incidentally, Congress is looking to take up the gun control issue again. It is well known by thinking people that none of the gun control measures they are looking to enact (or any for that matter) would have stopped what happened in that church. It was illegal to take a gun there, the gun was illegally obtained for the shooter and it is absolutely illegal to murder people but these did not stop the shooter. Criminals do not obey the law. Gun control is not about guns it is about control.

Hitler knew it and our government knows it.

And once their “common sense” measures fail they will tell us that only a complete ban and confiscation will work. This is their end game.

They are looking for more gun control (and eventual confiscation) and they are engaged in cultural cleansing. How long before the cleansing of the undesirables begins?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Cultural Cleansing; Liberals the New Nazis”

  1. Blake says:

    The Confederate Battle Flag had nothing to do with slavery, but all to do with the states determining their own destinies separate from the decisions DC would have us take, and you disrespect all the men and women who fought the northern incursion.
    That will not stand.

  2. Blake says:

    The big problem is the Dept. of Education, which has been studiously either ignoring, or re-writing history to suit themselves. People these days believe all of what they see, and all of what they hear.
    That is so sad.