Cross Edwards Off the List

John Edwards should, in no way shape or form, be president of this country. First of all he has this BS theme about two Americas where all the rich people are in one America and the rest of us are in the other America. Only problem with all that is while Edwards is telling people how we need to redistribute income and how we need to even out those Americas and while he is trying to make people believe he is from the poor America, he is living the life of luxury. He is flaunting that very rich America that he chastises on the campaign trail. Edwards just had built a 26 thousand square foot house on a hundred or so acres. His house is the largest in his county and probably cost more than most of us will make in a lifetime. He is an ambulance chasing charlatan.

Now the pretty boy wants to raise taxes. He is not in office and he already wants to raise taxes and he is not bashful about telling people that he thinks the government is entitled to their money. He wants to put in place universal health care that is expected to cost 90 to 120 billion dollars a year. He said there has to be a revenue source and the only way to get one is raise taxes. He also wants to put a Communist arm of the government in place to monitor money to ensure that people do not get to keep what they earn.

“We should have brokerage houses report the capital gains that people are incurring because we’re losing billions and billions of dollars in tax revenue,” Edwards said. al-Reuters

John Edwards is not content with the fact that people who make a capital gain are doing so on money that they have already paid taxes on. They have the chance to put money away and the government wants to take a portion of what they earn in investment. What exactly did the lazy, worthless slugs in government do to deserve the money that you earned with your capital? The government just wants to swoop in and make off with your money that you earned. Well screw you John Edwards and screw you government. We all can not be like you rich jerks in Congress who invest in non taxable funds. We have to invest in items that you can extort our money from and we are tired of it.

It is not my job to pay increased taxes so someone else can have insurance. Tell those lazy slugs to go get a fricking job and pay for their own damned insurance. I know if my taxes go up to pay for someone else I might just have to cancel my insurance and live off the gubmint like a good slave. The government’s answer to everything is to raise taxes. John Edwards is no different except you can bet his investments are on tax free items. That is part of the two Americas.

Screw him and screw the whole idea of higher taxes. They are going to keep it up until we have an armed revolution. It will happen if they do not change their ways.

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3 Responses to “Cross Edwards Off the List”

  1. cary says:

    That’s why I would support a national sales tax – get rid of the income tax, and have a tax that is collected when goods or services are purchased. Everyone buys things; the more money you have the more things you can buy the more taxes you would pay. Very fair, since the ones who don’t have money to spend wouldn’t be paying tax.

    Edwards is sending the wrong message to the people he wants to support him. And, building a mansion the size that he did just distances him from the majority of the people in this country; he doesn’t see the disconnect.

  2. Democratic faithful sizes up presidential rivals…

    Barack Obama brought down the house, John Edwards brought out the sorrow and Hillary Rodham Clinton …

  3. bj1boo says:

    Edwards sounds like a lot of the rest of the politicians, just more up front about it. I have yet to see one Id want to vote for… It seems more and more a choice of who is the ‘ lesser evil’ .
    It would be great if these ‘hogs at the trough’ would stop giving themselves undeserved raises. Id love to be able to pay them what theyre really worth… Theyd nearly all be drawing welfare!
    I wonder where the idea went that to serve your countrys government was an honor and a priviledge. I bet our founding fathers would take a whip to every one of these officials if they had the opportunity.
    I am so disappointed in these democrats that are making our troops feel like theyre doing sometiong wrong just for doing what their country asks them to do , and I might add, are doing it with honor.. I am sick of these ‘ Hanoi Janes ‘ trying to tell us what to do… My brother and a son in law served in the Vietnam war, my two grandsons are in Iraq…. I wont forget Hanoi Jane !
    Wouldnt it be nice if we could MAKE these politicians do what we elected them to do… They have so many laws in place now that They voted in just to prevent us doing this.
    Im disappointed in the repubs too , big time.
    God save us from the politicians . bj1boo