Criminal Cash

I read this story, and then read it again. Go ahead, read it, it’s a short news report. Do you notice anything missing? There is something missing in this situation: the victim.

First, it is reported that the woman was avoiding taxes on her property in Sudan, and that’s why she was stopped. Of course, I don’t know why the US government would care one bit about Sudan property taxes. Then, at the end, it’s reported that she paid a $100K bond to get her out of jail on a smuggling charge. So, apparently, she’s been charged with smuggling money. Oh, it was her money. No one seems to question that. So what crime has been committed? Apparently, carrying money into the US is a crime that nets you almost two years in jail. I’m not sure how that law reads, but this just shows yet another reason to be in fear of the police (border police, customs, whatever).

In this case, there is no victim. There isn’t even remotely a victim. With the furthest stretch of the imagination, the only crime committed was that she didn’t put the right number on a piece of paper. And for that, two years in jail. And people wonder why I have zero respect for the law these days.

Oh, and yes, I do realize the actual reason for the arrest was because the arresting officer and the arresting agency, and the government will all get a cash bonus. That just makes this law even worse.

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4 Responses to “Criminal Cash”

  1. Big Dog says:

    It is amazing that they would get a bonus. There was no victim and the only crime was not reporting the correct amount. It is hers and she should ow NO US taxes on it so why will they take all this woman’s money?

    The funny thing is our government routinely gives unsavory characters a lot of money to carry from one country to the next or looks the other way when someone they need is doing it.

  2. Big Dog says:

    She should have kept her underwear on…

  3. Big Dog says:

    You want to see criminal cash take a look at this

    It is not about safety, it is about raising revenue. Come on, $150 for doing less than 10 mph over speed limit. You just know there will be quotas and cops will be harassing people in order to increase revenue.

    Some years ago (?15) one of the police organizations called for a donation. I told them I already gave and they said they had no record of it. I told them it was the $60 bullsh*t ticket I got and that was all the money that I was giving…

    They have never called back.

  4. Eoj Trahneir says:

    A retired vet working at Anchorage International braced me for cash, because he said I didn’t take my luggage into the toilet with me…Officer Carter. I will never forget that prick.
    I had an arm in a caste and enough stuff to fill a dolly! You know us orientals are when we get to Costco…
    This fat pistol packing lunk pulled his gun, pointed it at me, and demanded to know what was in every box. He then confiscated my ID, my money and…my saxophone!
    It made me a little less friendly towards USA, and certainly less friendly towards this individual.