Crime Stats For Piers Morgan and The MSM

The problem with liberals is that they are too busy misleading people to push an agenda to actually look at and understand the reality of any situation. The media wing of the Democrat party has an agenda and that agenda is to push whatever the overlords in the party want. Gun control is the cause of the day so they will continue to lie about crime in America as compared to other nations like the UK. Here is a video with an analysis of the crime stats.

Keep in mind that the bulk of our violence is in large metropolitan areas. You know, the ones most likely run by Democrats and most likely to have the most stringent gun control laws…

Perhaps the morons like Piers Morgan and Dianne Feinstein can look at the real numbers and then address the problems at the real cause and not the one they have manufactured…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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