Credit Where it is Due

I have often criticized the Congress for its short workweek. This year, the do nothings in the Congress managed to be in session (I did not say worked) 107 days and they failed to accomplish anything. People from both sides of the aisle can blame each other but they are all at fault. They start on Tuesday and end on Thursday and take extended holidays. That is all about to end for the US House of Representatives.

Incoming House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer has sent word that the House will work five days a week. He expects them to be there Monday for votes and they may not leave prior to 1400 on Friday. That is not exactly a five day workweek but it is a start. There are quite a few members who are not happy about this. They are whining about this cutting into their time at home.

“Keeping us up here eats away at families,” said Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.), who typically flies home on Thursdays and returns to Washington on Tuesdays. “Marriages suffer. The Democrats could care less about families — that’s what this says.” Washington Post

Mr. Kingston, quit your whining and act like a man. Our military members have been away from their families for months on end and they do not whine like you. Additionally sir, they do not get paid the huge sum of money you do for the little work you produce. They get shot at for one tenth the pay. I might add that no one made you run for Congress. No one twisted your arm. You ran because you wanted to and you need to be there to WORK.

The Pig Book: How Government Wastes Your MoneyI understand that it is tough for the folks who do not live in a state that is close to DC. I also understand that these power hungry politicians took a conscious decision to run and that they need to be at work and earn the money we taxpayers are paying them. No one else in this country gets a workweek like they have and people are not free to take a job thousands of miles away and then miss time from work because of it. So to those who cry and complain I have a suggestion, either suck it up or resign.

I do not care for Mr. Hoyer but I have to give him credit for doing this. This has been a constant theme from me and he is addressing it. I have a feeling that the fact Hoyer lives in Maryland (right next to DC) made this an easy decision for him. He can leave Friday afternoon and be home before most others are on a plane. I am sure if he lived in California he would be singing a different tune but at this point, it does not matter to me so long as they are working more hours.

Hoyer mentioned that there would be no more long Memorial Day weekends (they take six days) but he did not mention the other holidays that they usually extend to a week. He also failed to mention the month long recess in August and the weeks off scattered throughout the year. He needs to take those away as well and keep these people on the job so that they can actually earn their paychecks.

It is often difficult for me to find any positive act by a Democrat (and some Republicans for that matter) but in this case I will say kudos to Hoyer for making the House actually come to work.

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One Response to “Credit Where it is Due”

  1. Ronald Harrington says:

    You were voted (hired) to do a job do it or resign. There are a lot of people in this country democrat and republican that really care about our country and would gladly replace you to do what is good for our country.
    If you do not do your job we will fire you next election.