Create A Crisis And The Exploit It

Another poor schmuck who follows Islam appears to be the latest patsy of the FBI. Amine El Khalifi, who is in this country ILLEGALLY, had made statements in groups of Muslims that the war on terror was a war with Islam and that they needed to be prepared. An informant told this to the FBI and they set up a sting in which they provided Khalifi with an inoperable weapon and an inert bomb vest.

I imagine this guy had leanings against America but it seems to me he did not necessarily intend to act upon them until the FBI planted the idea by making him think he was working with an al-Qaeda operative. I am not sure but to me it seems this is another person who might have been entrapped.

In any event, he was arrested when he went toward the Capital to carry out “his” plan.

A few days later we learn that the government will spend $7.8 MILLION to make the Capitol building a fortress. It will be upgraded so that it can be closed down quickly and the poor little Congress Critters can be locked safely inside.

Maybe, just maybe, the patsy was selected and enticed to do this so that the money could be appropriated for this and people would not question it. After all, it is a lot easier to sell this kind of expense when there was a “credible” threat. The people might not otherwise be on board with such a move.

But why would Congress want the Capitol to be fortified? Perhaps they are concerned about citizens getting fed up with them and doing something. Big Sis has already labeled just about everyone a terrorist and that means they might just do something bad.

But Congress could not appropriate that kind of money and make those fortifications by claiming that they need to protect themselves from the citizenry. Any improvements without explanation would draw the ire of folks and lead to speculation that the place was being secured against citizens.

So a plan was needed. Enter the patsy and the FBI and bang, you have a ready made reason to spend money to secure the Capitol and the public is none the wiser.

Why should those morons be any safer than the rest of us?

Amine El Khalifi was held without bail:

Magistrate Judge John Anderson said there are no conditions under which El Khalifi should be released at this time both because of the seriousness of the charge against him and because the defendant is in the U.S. illegally. CNN

I guess we now know what an ILLEGAL has to do to get Congress and the Judiciary to act.

If he was a drunk driver who killed a family of four on their way to vacation he would be out in a few hours.

Unless the family was that of a member of Congress.

Or a Judge.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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