Craig Sees Career Flushed Down Toilet


Senator Larry Craig pleaded guilty to a lesser charge in order to avoid being charged with lewd behavior, or so it seems. The police report seems pretty specific but it is a matter of what were his intentions and were his actions misinterpreted. I don’t know because I was not there but I know what I would think if the guy in the stall next to me was playing trying to play footsie with me. Craig is in full defense as he claims that he is not gay and that he did nothing wrong. That is what most people would do but then those who did nothing wrong would probably not plead guilty. I believe he did not want to fight this because it looks bad and he could be found guilty of the lewdness.

The important thing in this is the reaction of the Republican party. No one is defending the guy and no one is making excuses for him. He did something wrong and that is being addressed. The matter has been referred to the Senate Ethics Committee and there are Republicans calling for his resignation. Mitt Romney no longer no loner has Craig working with his campaign and John McCain called the situation “disgraceful.”

This is what Republicans did in the Foley case and what they generally do when one commits some bad act. If a Democrat does these kinds of things his fellow Democrats throw him a party and talk about diversity. One only needs to look at Barney Frank and what happened with him to see how Democrats will allow all kinds of behavior within their ranks, behavior they will condemn when displayed by others.

I don’t know if Craig should go or not because I don’t know all the particulars and, quite frankly, it is not for me to say because he is not my Senator. If Craig were a Senator from my state I would be asking him to step down or to publicly state he will not run for reelection next year. I doubt Craig will win reelection but one never knows.

It is certain that had it been one of my Senators then reelection would be assured. They are both Democrats and Maryland would vote for Osama bin Laden if he ran as a Democrat.


Big Dog

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One Response to “Craig Sees Career Flushed Down Toilet”

  1. Bosun says:

    But, Big Dog, it is OK for a liberal or democrat to redefine the definition of is.

    By the way, I understand that Larry Craig may change his stripes to DNC, isn’t it career enhancement for Democrats to have loose morals? Heck Craig would fit right in with Gerry Eastman Studds, or; Barney Frank, or; James McGreevey, Melvin Jay Reynolds, or; Frederick Richmond; Neil Goldschmidt or; David Gilesor, or; Allan Turner, or; Joseph Waggonner Jr., or; Jerry Springer, or; our famous president “BJ” Clinton. I did not separate the heterosexual from the homosexual indiscretions.

    After all, isn’t a sexual indiscretion is a sexual indiscretion?