Cover Me, I’m Going In

A Chinese company is honoring former President Bill Clinton by naming a condom after him. In addition, they are naming a condom after his former girl friend, Monica Lewinski. The Clinton condom will sell for $5.00 a dozen and the Lewinski for $3.00 a dozen. I wonder if this was intentional to indicate that Lewinski is “cheap(er).”

I imagine it will not be long before some group is out there suing for equal wages, or prices in this case. In any event, here are some marketing ideas for the Chinese:

  • Welcome President Clinton with a bang!
  • Made in Bangkok so you can too!
  • Now you can sit on Clinton’s staff!
  • The Monica condom, no more blue dress mess!
  • $3.00 a dozen. That’s only 25 cents a pop!
  • The Clinton condom (cigar not included)
  • Life has its ups and downs and Clinton has you covered!
  • The Clinton missile defense system
  • Made in Bangalore, India

I wonder if Monica Lewinski will be the mouthpiece, spokesperson for the venture.

Read it where the rubber meets the Here.

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