Well, I guess it is now official. Dan Rather is done as the anchor of CBS evening news. Perhaps they will just call the network C now because with Dan out, the BS is gone. Not really, I guess. They still have the 60 Minutes Programs to sling the BS around.

Dan Rather is an interesting character. He has a definite liberal bias yet he can not see it. But by most accounts he is a gentleman in most of his personal dealings. Shep Smith at Fox signed off tonight with a few nice words for Dan and says that recently, Dan allowed Smith and one of the other people from the show (maybe producer) to ride in the CBS jet in the Middle East. He said they paid their way, but that Dan was polite and praised the work they do at Fox. If only Dan could have been more like that with his reporting. By his own accounts he ran with a story and did not necessarily dig deeply before moving on to the next item. Perhaps if his on air persona was as gentlemanly as he is reported to be off the air, he could have avoided much of the criticisms that have haunted him over the years culminating with the flap over the forged Bush documents during the last election.

For years, Dan would sign off with the word “Courage.” No one quite knows why he would say it, he just did. I think, given his failings he should have asked for the brain instead.

“But what would you do with a brain if you had one?”

And the answer to the most intriguing Dan Rather question, “What’s the frequency Kenneth?” The frequency is never. Never again will we see Dan Rather as the host of CBS Evening News.

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