Could Europe Survive without Our Goods?

French President Jacques Chirac is indicating that Europe might try to blackmail use extortion to get the United States to sign the Kyoto climate protocol. Chirac indicated that The European Union might impose a carbon tax on countries that have not signed on in an effort to coerce them into signing.

This country better not bow down to him or any other jackass. Whether we sign or not is our business and not his. It is not in our best interest to sign a protocol that has provided little if any relief and that costs a fortune. We should not sign on to this and we should tell Chirac to stuff it.

I wonder if Europe could survive without our money and goods. If they impose the tariff we should stop providing any European nation with money, we should stop providing them with military goods, and we should stop sending anything that we are not required to by some treaty. It might hurt our economy a bit for a while but it will not be long before they realize that they can not live without our goods and especially without the money we send all over.

It is also important for them to keep in mind that they also send goods here and we could just as easily stop importing things like French wine. If they want to play hardball they better be sure they are big league caliber or we can make life miserable for them.

New York Times

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