Costas Blames The Gun For The Man’s Actions

There is no doubt that if a gun or knife or baseball bat or any number of things that can be used as a weapon (including pens and pencils) were put on a table and left alone they would never kill a person. These items cannot murder someone but can be used by a person to commit a crime. This is an undeniable fact and yet when tragedies involving a gun happen the first thing that gun grabbers want to do is blame the inanimate object because some person used it to do something bad.

We did not hear anyone trying to ban knives after OJ Simpson’s ex-wife and her boyfriend were murdered with one and we have not heard anyone call for the banning of airplanes in the aftermath of 911 but let a gun be used in a crime and guns must be banned.

Bob Costas went on a rant about guns in the aftermath of the murder/suicide Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher who shot his girlfriend nine times and then killed himself.

Costas talks about a piece from Kansas City based writer Jason Whitlock in which the writer claims handguns do not enhance our safety and ends by claiming that if Belcher did not have a handgun he and his girlfriend, Kassandra Perkins, would be alive today.

We have no way of knowing this but it makes for good theater. The reality is the gun was just a means to an end. If Belcher was determined to murder her and kill himself he could have done it many other ways with items around his house. He was a linebacker in the NFL so certainly he was big and strong enough to murder her without a weapon. He could have hanged himself or overdosed on drugs. There are many ways to murder people that do not involve a gun. In fact, belcher had a lot of money so he could have obtained an illegal handgun and carried out his plan.

There are allegations that Belcher suffered from the effects of brain injuries and that he was on pain killers. Perhaps he was driven to what he did by the injuries and the pain medication but we should not ban football or pain medicine because of it.

As for the assertion that handguns do not make us safer, that is a bunch of hogwash.

In the places in this country where handguns are allowed and the rights of citizens are not infringed there are very few crimes involving handguns. Criminals do not want to risk getting shot by a law abiding citizen. In places like Chicago where it is nearly impossible to own a gun the murder rate with them is extremely high. It is safer in Afghanistan than in Chicago because of the very gun violence that liberals like Costas claim would not exist if only guns were banned. Well they are and the violence is off the charts.

It is easy to point to the gun as the problem but the problem is the person at the other end of the gun. Blaming a gun for the violence is like blaming a spoon for obesity or a pencil for spelling errors.

It makes no sense but the gun grabbers will continue to beat the same drum because they are well aware that most people who listen to them are not bright enough to figure things out and soon those people will be calling for more gun control while they are in line for their Obamaphones.

Costas gets paid to discuss football (with regard to his NFL appearances) and not about guns or gun control or any other issues that are not football. It seems to me that Hank Williams Jr is no longer allowed to sing the MNF theme because of his views and Rush Limbaugh was removed from his football analyst gig because of his.

Perhaps Costas needs to be sent away like the others were.

Of course that will never happen because his views are the views of his employer.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Costas Blames The Gun For The Man’s Actions”

  1. Blake says:

    The sad truth is that it is not the gun, but the idiot who wrongfully uses it that should be to blame.

  2. Blake says:

    I went through high school with a gun rack in my truck, and two rifles in that gunrack, and you know what? I felt absolutely no need to shoot anyone, and neither did anyone else who did the same- of course, this was all before we had a federal Department of Education, so I can draw the inference that the DOE dumbed down the future classes of students.