Cops Lives Matter Too

I am skeptical of the police. I respect them as a group of people who, for the most part, do dangerous jobs to protect people. But we have continually militarized them and they have a culture that sees them remain silent when some among them do wrong. There are far too many cases of police officers beating people and violating their civil rights.

When you give police agencies items that are meant for war they will act like they are going to war.

That small group causes the good among them to be viewed skeptically. I believe all agents of the government should be viewed with a bit of skepticism but the bad actions of a small minority of cops has tarnished the good work of honorable officers.

It is also true that far too often police officers are extensions of the taxing authority of a government. They write tickets for nuisance items just to generate revenue.

But no matter how one feels about what policing has become the reality is these folks are men and women who have families. Their lives matter just as much as anyone else’s. They should not be targeted. Don’t get me wrong. I believe people have the right to resist unlawful acts by any agent of the government but I do not think police officers should be targets just because some segment of society does not like them.

Last night two officers in Ferguson MO were shot. They are expected to survive but they should not have been shot in the first place. This is not an issue where police issued some no knock raid and got shot by a scared home owner. No, these police officers were monitoring yet another protest in ferguson when some jackass shot them.

We saw all the protests and riots when people believed that Michael Brown was shot with his hands up. That turned out to be a lie and he was the aggressor. Unarmed or not he ws dangerous and Officer Wilson was well within his right to shoot him.

Will there be protests in favor of these cops? The race baiting poverty pimps are already making excuses and rationalizing the shootings.

People get up in arms when they think a cop shot someone (or their dog) unnecessarily (and their anger is justified when that turns out to be the case especially when the cop is cleared of wrong doing) but they find no issue with police officers being shot while doing their jobs.

Imagine if you will a scenario where a group of people has been arrested after a long police investigation. Say they all had tons of drugs and illegal firearms when they were arrested. The cops all testify and they think this is a slam dunk. But for some reason the jury finds the defendants not guilty and they walk on all charges.

How would people respond if the police waited for them to gather someplace and then gunned them down?

The people of Ferguson were fed a false narrative and they were led to believe they would get the verdict they wanted from the Grand Jury. When they did not they burned the place to the ground. How many of them were arrested for that?

In any event, the false narrative and all the negative statements from Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and plenty of other people has resulted in this violence against these police officers.

Their lives matter too and this should not be happening. They need to catch who did this and nail him to the wall.

Here is the key. Mutual respect. Police officers need to respect the people who pay their salaries and who they work for. They need to do their jobs with honor and dignity and without regard for ones color ar any other demographic.

The people need to obey the law and they need to respect the police.

If that happens people can work together to ensure their communities are safe.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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