Cop Socker McKinney In Cat Fight

Cynthia Cop-Socker McKinney is in a real political battle with her run off opponent Hank Johnson. It appears that Cop Socker took her reelection for granted and when that is added to her assault on a Capitol Police officer the results could mean trouble for the race baiting Congresswoman. The assault was brought up but Cop Socker dismissed it because she has not been charged with anything.

Using that logic, Cop Socker and her donk buddies need to stop bashing the administration for the programs that are being used to track terrorists and protect America. You see, every donk is out running around claiming that Bush broke the law with regard to wire taps, phone records and banking transactions. They also claim that he or some of his people broke the law when Valerie Plame’s identity was supposedly disclosed. I do not believe that any laws were broken but for the sake of argument let us assume that some might have been. Using the Cop Socker method we can now say that no one was charged with a crime in any of these issues so they are not issues to worry about. I know Scooter Libbey was charged but that was for lying, not for any of the above items.

All Democrats need to have a quick closed door session to discuss new strategies because Cop Socker took all their cards off the table. They had planned to use these items in the upcoming elections but now they may not. As Cop Socker said, they are not issues.

I saw Cop Socker on the news not long ago. She looks frazzled and worried. I can see it in her eyes. She is worried about losing her grip on power and it is giving her pain. I hope the worry is unbearable and that it causes her untold grief. I hope she loses the election and then loses her mind and gets confined to a mental hospital.

I guess you could tell that I do not care for Cop Socker. I believe her to be a race baiter and a racist. She uses her race to incite people and to skirt the law, charges or no charges. America has turned the pages of the past and is on a journey to the future and we do not need people like her bogging us down along the way.

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