Constitutional Right To Murder

The Supreme Court of the United States today ruled in favor of the ban on partial birth abortions. The SCOTUS stated that the law was indeed Constitutional despite the fact it does not contain language allowing this procedure to save the life of the mother. The Court was divided with the Conservative majority in favor and the Liberal minority against. There are those who believe that this erodes a woman’s Constitutional right, one that does not exist in the Constitution.

For the first time since the court established a woman’s right to an abortion in 1973, the justices upheld a nationwide ban on a specific abortion method, labeled partial-birth abortion by its opponents. My Way

First things first. This lays it all out. The court established a woman’s “right” to an abortion. This decision was made by liberals and it was not based on anything tangible in the Constitution. The Justices of 1973 dug around and twisted meaning to allow abortions. The fact of the matter is the word abortion does not appear in the document at all. Interestingly, the words right to keep and bear arms do. The left will fight to murder babies while denying people a right specifically enumerated in the Constitution. Abortion has been debated for decades and the left and its puppets on the court have upheld it long enough for it to be considered sacred. That is why everyone who supports murder on demand is so upset. These folks started with non-viable as a rationalization and moved all the way up to murdering full term, viable babies with no objections. Now, they no longer have free reign and they do not like it.

For those who are unaware of the procedure, partial birth abortion is a procedure where a FULL TERM infant is allowed to move down the birth canal. A doctor then snips a hole in the base of the child’s skull and sucks its brains out. This is, in essence, no different than waiting until the kid is completely outside the womb and than killing it by sucking its brains out. This is barbaric and gruesome and is murder, plain and simple. I happen to believe that any abortion is murder but even if you are one of these people who claims a blob of cells is not human there is no way in hell you can deny that a child, seconds from being born, is not human. Anyone who has one of these and anyone who performs one should be charged with murder.

Once a sperm and egg meet the resulting “products of conception” have DNA. If this “blob” were given to scientists and they were not told what it was and asked to identify it by DNA it would be identified as human, regardless of what it looks like. Be that as it may, right now abortion is the law of the land but it is not contained in the Constitution. What is contained are the words indicating that anything not contained in the Constitution is granted to the states or to the individuals. I believe that abortion should be decided by individual states and not by federal law. Additionally, I believe that even if abortion is legal, none of them should be paid for with taxpayer dollars.

This takes us to the candidates. The three Republicans agree (though Rudy is pandering) and the Democrats disagree [with the decision]. Obama, Edwards, and Clinton all indicated that this took away the rights of a woman. Hillary indicated this is why she fought having Alito and Roberts on the court. Of course she did. Having liberal activists on the court is what gave us this farce in the first place. Now I am surprised that Hillary actually said anything until a poll came out indicating how people felt but then I remembered that she only needs to pander to the left during the primaries so she is shoring up her liberal wacko baby murder base. Why Hillary even said this was a dramatic departure and that it failed to take the lives and rights of women into account.

Hillary, what about the children? With you libs it is always about the children so tell me where we are taking the lives and rights of the children into account. You see, the kids don’t have much choice in this process. They did not do anything to be conceived, a woman and a man did. The kids struggles for nine months and just before it reaches the phase of life outside the womb, snip/suck, it is over. That is cruel and there is no way that any idiot can tell me that it is not murder. You all got away for years discussing this idea that a “fetus” does not feel pain and it is not a life so you can do what you want. Well, damn it this nearly born child can feel pain and it is a life and there is no way to rationalize that out of the equation.

It is amazing to me that this group of idiots including queen Hillary, would dare discuss this so called erosion of rights. What right is there to murder? It is also amazing to me that these are the same people [liberals] who oppose the death penalty and will protest putting a murderer to death for a crime. Yes, the same people who will kill innocent children will fight to keep a murderer alive. I say that if snipping a hole in an infant’s head and sucking his brains out is not cruel then that is how we should execute those on death row. Can you believe that these moonbats would tell us we need to pull out of Iraq because of the deaths of our service members and the deaths to the Iraqi civilians and then they would cry about action by the court interpreting the Constitution correctly and denying them the “right” to murder? Yes, Hillary can say that without the provision for the health of the mother it is wrong but I say any woman who sucks the brains out of a baby does not deserve to live.

Hillary said this is why she did not want Roberts and Alito on the court. Well listen up Hillary, you moonbat beeyatch idiot, this kind of stupidity is why we do not want Democrats in charge of anything. Kind of sucks to be the majority party but not have the majority of the SCOTUS. You had that and screwed it up.

I can only think what a better world it would have been if these people’s parents had aborted them.

Thank God Roberts’ and Alito’s parents did not.

Big Dog

Romney and McCain

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3 Responses to “Constitutional Right To Murder”

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  2. Patsy says:

    God help us all if Hillary gets into the White House. Who would she appoint to the Supreme Court, Janet Reno??? I can’t imagine the horrors she’d put on the highest court in the land. What utter arrogance, her thinking she has a right to comment after the two ACLU poster kids her husband put on the bench Justices Breyer and Ginsberg????? Oh puh-leeeez.

  3. BIG GUY says:

    Well I guess the brain-sucking- child- killers will be ringing their hands and crying. How can a woman politician or any woman want to kill the most precious thing in the world, human life. We have become no better then savages when we war with the womb. I’m safer on the streets of Detroit then a baby in the womb with all the abortions going on.