Congresswoman, Stop Playing Race Card

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was stopped by a Capitol Police Officer when she failed to go through a metal detector and they did not see her credentials. Reports say she was pursued by the officer who grabbed her by the arm after calling out to her. She then punched him in the chest. Now, McKinney is playing the race card and saying that certain WHITE police officers do not recognize her and certain WHITE police officers have given her problems in the past.

Let me give this dunder head Congresswoman some words of wisdom. Ma’am there are over 500 members of Congress and the police can not possibly recognize every one of them. That is why they issue you credentials and you are supposed to display those credentials. This is for your protection ma’am. When a police officer calls after you then you need to stop and listen to what he says. If you had turned your sorry ass around and shown your credentials then the matter would be resolved. Instead, you acted like some elitist pig who should be recognized by all the police officers and that you are too important to display your credentials. Lady, every soldier must display ID to get on post and you are in no way worth as much as the lowest paid Private in the service. Credentials are issued for a reason. Start using them properly.

Another problem I have with this idiot is that she is using race as an issue. As I stated, police officers can not possibly recognize every Congressperson. Maybe she did not look familiar and maybe she looked like another person. The fact is, they do not teach police officers to recognize you they teach them to check your credentials. As is usually the case, you have someone doing something wrong, and if she punched the cop it was wrong, and now she is playing the race game. She is a pathetic waste and should not be a representative of this country.

You can bet that if that very same cop thought he recognized someone and let him in and it turned out to be a bad guy with a gun McKinney would be the fist in line seeking a resignation for dereliction of duty. This incident is reportedly on tape. I hope it shows the police officer’s version to be the truth and the version painted by McKinney to be a fabrication. Perhaps if this wanna be acted more like an elected offical and less like a TV Diva, we would not have her punching police officers.

I wonder if she thinks black cops are racists when they ask white representatives to show their credentials…….

Source: 11 Alive

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