Congressman Uses McKinney Racism Defense

Congressman Danny Davis a Democrat in the 7th District of Illinois said he was the victim of racial profiling because he was pulled over early in the morning while driving a few of his friends. Two white police officers pulled him over and issued a $75 ticket because he went over the center line. Davis is crying racism and said he can’t think of any other reason he was pulled over other than he is black and had black people in the car. How about her drove over the line and that is the reason?

I know it is hard for some people to grasp but if you cross the center line real early in the morning the police believe you might have been drinking and they pull you over. If you have been drinking you get arrested for DUI and a ticket for failure to stay right of the center line. I wonder if the cops gave this guy a sobriety test. He might have been drinking and should have been arrested for DUI but instead got a break. He committed a traffic violation and got a ticket and it has nothing to do with him being black.

I am tired of people crying because they get a ticket. I have been pulled over a number of times when I worked swing shift. It seemed that every Friday or Saturday some of us who were on our way home from work were stopped just after midnight so they could see if we had been drinking. I am white and get pulled over. The teens in my area get pulled over all the time and they are white. This Congressman should be thankful they he just got a ticket and he should give up playing the race card.

Of course, someone will tell me that it is because of oppression 200 years ago but if you want to be treated equally start acting like an equal and quit crying when you are caught breaking the law.

CBS2 Chicago

Big Dog

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11 Responses to “Congressman Uses McKinney Racism Defense”

  1. […] november moon wrote an interesting post today!.Here’s a quick excerptCongressman Danny Davis a Democrat in the 7th District of Illinois said he was the victim of racial profiling because he was pulled over early in the morning while driving a few of his friends. Two white police officers pulled him over and issued a $75 ticket because he went over the center line…. Visit Big Dog’s Weblog for the rest of the story… [IMG] […]

  2. King Groundhog says:

    It’s EASIER to play the race card and it’s a winning card every time.

  3. Jay Hurst says:

    Big Dog, unless you witnessed the incident, you assume Congressman Davis committed a traffic offense based solely on police officer accusations. I do not agree with gratuituous use of the “race card,” but having grown up in Kentucky (Caucasian but poor), I can personally testify not just to explicit racism in law enforcement and elsewhere (by all races, I add, not just Caucasians), but also that police are far harder on persons they believe cannot defend themselves legally than on those they know are about to drop a serious attorney on them (and, so, are typically tied in with the community’s “leaders” anyway). What troubles me most here, though, is your leap to an assumption, and your public conviction of a citizen before a jury is ever impaneled. That is irresponsible, whether by a “conservative” or a “liberal,” and the opposite of serious journalism.

    EJ Hurst II
    Attorney at Law
    Severna Park, Maryland

  4. Robert says:

    Jay, BullSh*t!
    The victim crowd provides the racism defense when it suits them, you want me to believe that the congressman was pulled over because he was black, but not speeding?
    Obviously the officers let several other WHITE’S go by, so he could get the black guy right? I grew up in the “Racism” belt in NC, and I tell you your sadly mistaken in your assumptions.
    I do believe there are a few cops that might be guilty of profiling, usually they are BLACK, and work in places like Compton, or NOLA or any big city in the USA.

  5. Big Dog says:

    EJ, obviously you have mistaken my blog for a court of law. You see, I can have an opinion and it is that if the police pulled this guy over late at night it is probably because he crossed the line.

    I live in Maryland as you do and I have witnessed all kinds of police manufactured probable cause. They pull people over by claiming that some traffic law was broken so they can check to see if they are drunk. This might be the case here and it would be wrong. But one thing is for damned sure, this guy was not likely pulled over because he was black.

    As for the inability to get an attorney, do you suppose the cops were fooled by the man’s Congressional license plates? Or when he identified himself as a Congressman?

    I guess it was not serious journalism to convict McKinney in the court of public opinion before her jury was impaneled? Amazingly, she hit a cop and I said she was guilty. The Grand Jury said she did nothing wrong. Perhaps if the dumbasses in the legal profession and those on the juries could get things right people like me would not have to hold public court,

    In addition, How many times have you written the NYT or other publications for their findings of guilt with regard to the Bush administration? Seems to me that happens on a regular basis.

    Regardless, this Congressman was pulled over by the police and given a ticket. Want to argue it in court go ahead but the race card is a tired and worn out one so pick another form the deck.

  6. David M says:

    The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the – Web Reconnaissance for 11/23/2007 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…

  7. Scott says:

    Isn’t this like the second time this year she’s done something wrong and pulled the race card? Sorry but this woman likes to act like her farts smell like roses and then cry racism every time someone calls her on it. Does profiling happen? Yes, I’ve seen it firsthand in Howard County where I grew up. A friend of mine got the 3rd degree just because he was black while my other friend and I were pretty much left alone because we were white. We were on foot and my ID had me living in Silver Spring, my other white friend didn’t even have ID, that were a hairs breadth away from arresting my black friend who was cooperative and lived a mile away and presented his ID when asked. The Ho. Co police’s excuse was that he “fit the description” of some car jackers they were looking for. We had previously spoken to two different officers one which informed us of the car jacking and said keep an eye out for two black males in a Jeep Cherokee and another one who informed us that they had been caught when we inquired about the matter 30 minutes before we started back to my friends house.

    Anyway McKinney thinks because she is black and a member of Congress she can do any damn thing she wants and its clear in her attitude.

  8. Big Dog says:

    Just to clear it up Scott, it was Davis from Illinois. The McKinney reference was to her cry of racism.

    Though I agree with your assessment of her anyway.

    I have been pulled over because I fit the description of a person who committed a crime. Once they realized I was not the guy they let me go.

  9. irtexas44 says:


    Maybe Mr. Davis isn’t aware in his position as a congressman that all Law Enforcement departments are getting tough on anyone that appears to have been drinking, it is the holiday season, Mr/Ms Hurst should be aware of this. DUI’s tend to zig and forget to zag. They tend to drift. Sleepers jerk. From what I’ve seen of the almighty members of anything that think they are above the law tend to act in a very disrespectful manner to anyone who dare to question their loftyness get irate. I would have to say that Congressman Davis needs to step up and apologize to the officers and everyone else for being a dumb ass.

    While in my tenure in DC I did get the one in a life time encounter with her loftyness, Ms. McKinney. Trust me you don’t need more than one. Now that she is in CA, I can say they do deserve each other. She better hope she is in San Fran, that is the only place that might put up with her.

  10. irtexas44 says:

    I got ahead of myself in my previous post. Sleepers drift and then jerk, if they wake up before they run in a ditch. Hopefully. DUI’s try to stay up with the moving yellow line. That’s why the zig until that damn yellow line moves again. Then they react to zag to keep up.

  11. b says:

    It is very sad that this congressman is full of pride and believes that he shouldn’t be stopped when after violating traffic laws…he was stopped in an all African American neighborhood, so anyone stopped by the police in that area is more than likely going to be African American…I believe this congressman is trying to cash in on future votes amongst the Black is a good time right now to go against the chicago police dept due to bad news…..he is leading his people into the the wrong path and that is a path of HATRED….