Congressional Democrat Wants Censorship

The Democrat from Maryland’s 4th Congressional District is calling for us to condemn the deliberately outrageous and irresponsible portrayal of Mohammad. You see, Congressman Wynn thinks we need to be sensitive to the Muslim beliefs that the prophet not be shown in an image. Mr. Wynn points out that Congress has taken a firm stance against public funding for items offensive to religion. Mr. Wynn also said:

For example, American journalists today could use the “N-word” or depict African-Americans in demeaning ways, as they have in the past. Thankfully, in the 21st century, there is a consensus among serious journalists not to do so. This standard is rooted in a sense of pluralism and in the reality that such an insult would trigger violent protests.

Perhaps Mr. Wynn is telling us that it is offensive if the moonbats think it is offensive and we should be sensitive when they tell us to. He seems to forget that Congress funds the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) which in turn provides money for artists who make things offensive to Christians. He is also unaware (or perhaps ignorant) of the many political cartoons showing Dr. Condoleezza Rice as a stereotype of a black person. She was depicted, big lips and all, as an Aunt Jemima character, and was referred to as “Brown Sugar” in a Doonsbury cartoon. And how about this, is this acceptable? Where was Wynn when these cartoons were going around? For Wynn’s benefit, he can search the Internet for Condoleezza Rice political cartoons and he will find many “deliberately irresponsible, outrageous and hateful journalistic lampooning” items.

It seems to me that Wynn is pandering to a group or he has no courage. It is easy, just let America know that there is freedom of the press and America, as well as any free country, is free to publish these things. If Congressman Wynn is so in favor of having the press police itself for the good of everyone then perhaps he should call the New york Times and condemn the fact that they published secret information.

Congressman Wynn is a typical moonbat who feels that it is OK for Rolling Stone to have Kanye West insult Jesus, it is OK for political cartoons to show racist cartoons about Dr. Rice, and it is OK for artists to throw dung all over Christian symbols. Perhaps what we really need is the press to stop giving space to air heads like Wynn.

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