Congress Will Use End Run, Deceive On Immigration

With the Obama regime neck deep in scandals, all of which are real and deserve scrutiny, the Senate is forging ahead with immigration reform. Read that as backdoor amnesty because Senators from both parties are working on ways to promise us one thing and do another. They are also working to pass as much as they can while our attention is focused on the Obama criminal regime.

The Senators keep telling us that these illegals will not be allowed to get taxpayer funded assistance. No welfare for them when they come out of the shadows. This is absolute BS.

First of all, the Senate Judiciary Committee has passed an amendment to the immigration legislation that will allow illegals who are magically changed to legally here eligible for welfare.

Even if this were not the case they would still get it. How is that, you ask?

Quite easy! Under the misinterpreted and misapplied 14th Amendment any child born here to these illegals will be called a US citizen. The parents, though illegal, will apply for any benefits that a child who is a US citizen can get. These people will have welfare rolling in and spend it on whatever they want (they do this now so how will it be any different when we make them legal). Those who claim that they will get no welfare will then tell us that those kids are citizens and “deserve” this.

No, we did not lie because citizens are getting your money, not those illegals we waved our amnesty wand over.

The liberals in the Senate have already balked at removing the eligibility for the Earned Income Credit (EIC) on their taxes. This credit is a wealth redistribution scheme where people who pay no taxes (or very little that they usually get back) get money because they have children. It is a scheme that allows those who pay no taxes to get what was withheld back AND THEN SOME.

The Senate passed the amendment allowing welfare so it matters not but regardless of how they approach this, the illegals will be getting taxpayer money. If that is not bad enough, the alleged fines these people will have to pay (as in fines and back taxes) is all a ruse.

As pointed out, they pay little or no taxes. How can we force them to pay back taxes when they end up not having owed any taxes? No, this is all smoke and mirrors so the government can claim that these people paid their dues.

No restriction is allowed on all of these lawbreakers. The advocates for these illegals are screaming about an amendment making conviction of a third DUI grounds for deportation. No, we can’t have such a strict thing for people whose first act in this nation was to break our law.

Look, these folks can be wonderful and hard working pillars of their shadow communities but the reality is that they are all lawbreakers. They came here illegally and now want to be rewarded for their crimes. They expect special treatment over those who are trying to do things the right way.

I personally have a friend who is highly skilled and has a job offer pending at a hospital but she cannot get here because of all the illegals and non English speaking people gumming up the works. She has been waiting for years to come here and she would be an immediate asset. She is skilled in a profession that is in short supply and she has a job offer. She would start working and begin paying taxes immediately.

But she can’t come here because of all the future Democrat voters who are demanding they be rewarded for breaking the law and because liberals in Congress are listening to them.

We need to put systems in place to flush these folks out where they self deport or we send them packing and we need to change our laws so that those who try to come here the right way AND HAVE SOMETHING TO OFFER are processed quickly.

We conservatives are not against immigration. We are against illegal immigration.

We are also against members of Congress who pander to people who break the law and expect to be rewarded for it.

I have an idea. Let’s evict the United Nations, tear down the building and ship the bricks to the south. Then round up the illegals and make them build a wall between them and the US with those bricks. Once it is done we will let them walk back home without being put in jail. In exchange for their labor we will allow them to apply for legal entry in 15 years, may never become a citizen and may never vote in an election.

Even Democrats won’t want them here if they can’t vote.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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3 Responses to “Congress Will Use End Run, Deceive On Immigration”

  1. Real Deal says:

    The reality is they don’t even want to be Americans and build a life in America. They want legality because it makes achieving their goals that much easier. Their goals usually consist of freely moving between the US and Mexico when they want to, access to US healthcare, a free US education for their kids, and build a house or start a business back in their home town in Mexico.

    Read if you can get it from your local library.

    The author is libral and biased towards the illegals, she refuses to call them illegals and sugarcoats their illegal activites such as smuggling, identity theft, etc. but all the people she interviews pretty much could care less about being an American or even building a life in America. It’s an eye opener after all the BS about “living the American Dream” you hear from partisans and the purchased politicians.

  2. Blake says:

    In 1983, an editorial in El Excelsior, Mexico City’s largest paper said baldly that the way to “re-claim” the Southwest U.S. was to flood the place with illegals. As the editorial put it,”…since we haven’t the guns to forceably take back what was stolen from us, we will use our greatest resorce, the Mexican people.”
    Thanks to “Fast and Furious” they may even have enough weapons now.
    Thanks Eric Holder.