Confiscating Guns Won’t Work But Let’s Do It Anyway

I have ranted about gun control for a long time partly because I live in the oppressive state of Maryland but mostly because I believe in individual freedom and that includes the freedom to keep and bear arms. This freedom was so important that our Founders protected (not granted) the right in the Constitution.

I have no problem with people who do not like firearms or who do not want to own them. They are free to choose those actions just as I am free to choose otherwise.

That is where the problem lies. Those who do not like guns blame them for all the bad things that happen with them. They then use their blame of guns to push an agenda that includes disarming America.

Some of these people are actually foolish enough to believe it will make a difference. Those in power know it won’t but they do not care because their goal is to control people and they can only truly control people once they have been disarmed.

Study after study using the government’s own numbers shows that even though we have more guns than ever before violent crime is way down. It has been shown time and again that the most violent places where the gun crimes occur are places with the strictest gun control laws and in places where people are free to carry firearms it is relatively safe.

These facts are indisputable but facts never get in the way of a good cause where the liberals are concerned. They want control and they need to take the guns to get it so that is what they are going to do.

Or try anyway…

There are far too many tragic shootings and something has to be done about it. What needs to be done is vastly different from what Barack Obama and the rest of the tyrants will tell you. They say that we need common sense gun laws even though all the gun laws we now have did not help and those they propose would do nothing to stop the bad people from doing bad things.

What needs to be done is to immediately get rid of all gun laws in each state. People who are not otherwise prohibited and who pass the background check to purchase a firearm will be allowed to carry it openly or concealed anywhere they want (private businesses could still ban them on their properties as could homeowners). This will allow people to protect themselves from those hell bent on doing harm.

The left wants a complete gun confiscation. They want to make America a gun free zone. This thinking ignores the fact that these mass shootings take place at locations that are designated as gun free. The criminals pick these places exactly for that reason. They know that law abiding people will not be armed there and that they will have a target rich environment.

The left’s idea of a gun free America is not really gun free. They want it gun free with regard to private citizens. Agents of the government (and no doubt special people) will still have guns and be allowed to carry them. It is amazing that these people are the first to attack police officers when they use firearms in the line of duty as trigger happy but want them to be the only ones to have firearms.

The left holds Australia up as the model we should emulate but as they announced their praise for that nation someone there shot and killed an employee of the police. How could that happen in a place where guns are banned?

The left explains gun confiscation like this:

They turn to [Columbia University psychiatrist] Appelbaum again who is ready to endorse the Australian approach with one caveat–he wants to be sure everyone knows that we should still expect to see mass shootings. Appelbaum said, “I don’t think anyone could say honestly that if we tighten up on the availability of guns and the ease of purchasing them, and reduce the number of weapons that are largely produced to kill large numbers of people, that the problem will go away completely.” He added, “Some people who will be able to get their hands on guns and be able to do horrible things with them” no matter what actions are taken. [emphasis mine] Breitbart

This line of thinking demonstrates a few things. One is that even with a complete confiscation and ban people will get guns and use them to murder people. So it demonstrates that even a total ban will not work.

It also shows what freedom lovers have been saying all along and that is criminals do not obey the law and gun control does not affect them. The only people harmed by gun control are the law abiding people who will not use firearms illegally in the first place.

Only in liberal land could a solution to a perceived issue be proposed that will not solve the perceived problem and then be touted as a great idea.

Of course if the real goal is to disarm law abiding citizens so they cannot defend against tyranny then the plan makes perfect sense.

At least until they actually try it…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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3 Responses to “Confiscating Guns Won’t Work But Let’s Do It Anyway”

  1. Blake says:

    It’s true- in Texas, a fairly easy state in which to carry a firearm legally, there is nothing like the carnage we see every weekend in Chicago- a bastion of liberal crap and restrictive gun laws. How’s that working for you , Emmanuel?

  2. Schatzee says:

    It amazes me how they can openly admit that nothing they do will stop the problem but they still manage to convince a number of people that it is still worth doing. You know where they have COMPLETE gun control? Prison. Prisons have an absolute ban on guns and weapons of any kind not to mention contraband of many forms. And, of course, people are assaulted and even killed on a regular basis. A person intent on doing harm will manage a way to do it. Filing down the toothbrush or using a pen for a lethal jab…and I have no doubt that even with COs watching them continuously they could manage to do massive damage in a short amount of time if they really wanted to do so. Cocaine, meth, pot, all completely illegal both inside and out of the prisons STILL manages to get in there along with so many other things that these degenerates are not supposed to have. Where there is a will there is most often a way.

    A real solution is to even the playing field. Make sure that those law-abiding citizens that want to carry a gun can (safely) do so and make the victim pool for these losers smaller and less predictable. Now THAT is a solution that actually has a proven record of making a difference yet it is consistently poo-pooed by the libs. Unreal

  3. Schatzee says:

    Oh, I forgot, maybe we should also stop making those ridiculous warning labels for anything and everything and some of these people will take themselves quickly out of the gene pool….WIN-WIN