Condemnation Of Israel Is Disproportionate

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The past few weeks Israel has ratcheted up its war making capability. They have been attacking Palestine for its kidnapping of an Israeli soldier who is being held hostage in order to obtain the release of Arab prisoners held in Israel. On the heels of this blatant act of war Hezbollah, under orders and equipped by Iran, sneaked across the Israeli border and attacked a patrol killing a few Israeli soldiers and taking two hostage. They two are holding the soldiers in order to gain the release of Arab prisoners. Again, this was a blatant act of war.

Israel occupied a portion of Lebanon in the past because of the incursions of Hezbollah. Israel agreed to relinquish the land and go home so long as Lebanon, under UN Resolution 1559, dismantled Hezbollah. The whole idea was to deescalate tension and remove the terrorist organization that is responsible for the near daily rocket attacks in Israel. The unfortunate thing is that Israel is the only party that kept the bargain. Hezbollah, with funding and weaponry supplied by Iran, is thriving in the region and now has rockets that reach far into Israel. The killing of Israeli soldiers and the kidnapping of others was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Israel has launched an all out offensive and states it will not stop until it gets the soldiers back.

Israel is a very small country that is surrounded by much larger countries that have a fanatical desire to eliminate all the Jews from the face of the Earth. Fortunately for Israel, they have the strongest, best trained military in the region and they are also backed by the strongest military in the world in the US. Israel is tired of playing games. Every time they turn around some son of Satan is trying to wipe them off the Earth. No matter how many resolutions are passed the Israelis remain under attack. After every major problem the terrorist’s actions are excused and Israel is asked to exercise caution. The time has come for Israel to take a stand and to ensure the people who are trying to eliminate them are wiped of the map.

Many countries, including the usual suspects such as Russia, France, China, the EU, and Greece have condemned the Israeli response as disproportionate. To the people who really dislike Israel, any act on their part is disproportionate. The countries condemning Israel expect it to go kill the same number of soldiers that they lost. This, to them, would be proportionate. They seem to forget that Israel experiences near daily rocket attacks and that their response is a culmination of all these attacks in which the rest of the world is asking for restraint. I feel the response by Israel is proportionate and that the condemnation and requests of the UN and the other fence sitting, anti-Semitic countries is disproportionate in that it condemns Israel and asks it to refrain while ignoring the acts of the entities that initiated the conflict in the first place.

When Russian diplomats were murdered Putin wasted no time giving orders to hunt down the people who were responsible and to bring them to justice. You can also bet that if any nation fired rockets into one of the countries listed or kidnapped their soldiers, the response would be swift and lethal (except for France). Imagine what would happen if the Mexican Army sneaked across the border and killed a few of our troops and then kidnapped several others and demanded that all ILLEGAL Mexicans being held in US jails for crimes be released. Imagine that on top of that they were lobbing missiles supplied by Iran into border towns. The US would send its military into Mexico and wipe out the people who were responsible. The cut and run Democrats and their liberal toadies might cry about the loss of life and the “disproportionate” response but it would occur nonetheless.

It is important to remember that one of the primary and most important functions of government is to protect its citizenry. It does not matter what country it is, the government of that country has an obligation to provide whatever security is necessary to obtain such protection. Israel has been condemned every time it tries to protect itself while the people who would do her harm are left alone. Israel has had enough and it is responding in a fashion that will eliminate the threats it faces and provide the security and safety that its people deserve.

Ahmadinejad of Iran is the one stirring the pot. He believes that Israel should not exist and he is arming and financing the puppets who carry out his orders of destruction. For Ahmadinejad Islam is the only religion and all others must convert or die. Al the Islamic radicals believe this and they are hell bent on carrying out their plan for total world domination. The religion teaches that a 12th Imam or prophet will appear after all out war has left the world in an Islamic state. That 12th prophet is Satan and he is guiding these people who worship a child molester. The Islamic prophet Satan is guiding the so called religion of peace in a campaign to kill innocent people around the world. Satan would love nothing more than to eliminate the Jews and Ahmadinejad is the right hand in this Satanic plot.

When a schoolyard bully harasses his victims and threatens them they pay up. When this happens that bully asks for more and more. If a victim responds with minimal resistance than the bully gets tougher. If the victim unleashes swift and brutal force and harms the bully he usually moves on or becomes unable to exact his terror. The Arab world has been the schoolyard bully to the victim Israel for a very long time. Now, Israel has unleashed swift, brutal, and deadly force to render the bully ineffective. Israel needs to keep hammering Hezbollah and all others who seek her destruction until the aggressors are rendered ineffective or cease to exist.

Mohammad the Child Molester

It is about time the world community allowed Israel to defend itself without condemnation. The anti-Semitic countries who continually condemn Israel would be the first to strike if they were under such attacks. We can not allow the Arab world of Satanic Islam to eradicate the Jews and we must render them impotent so that they will never again be a threat to the rest of the world. If that means total destruction then so be it. But one thing is certain, Israel must remain a sovereign nation and they must no longer be harassed and threatened by the pedophile worshipers.

Israel is a very small place surrounded by very large areas of Islamic terrorists. It is no longer an option to request Israel exercise restraint. They have a right to defend themselves and any nation that condemns their acts are friends and supporters of the terrorists, the kind of people who desire to finish what Hitler started over 60 years ago.

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