Concentrate On The Gangs

There are a lot of gangs in the US and they create chaos for the general public by fostering drug and gun markets and by waging violence on people. One of these gangs is MS 13. They are a bunch of thugs from El Salvador and they have no regard for human life. They are lower than animals and should be eradicated.

Many of these violent cretins are here illegally. The US continues to allow these kinds of people to cross our borders and inflict pain and suffering on our people.

A 16 year old girl in New York was savagely raped by three members of the MS 13 gang. She was raped on a golf course and discovered by golfers when she appeared from a wooded area. She was nearly naked at the time of her discovery.

These no good lowlifes might have decided that they were entitled to take from the girl what they wanted and they did not care how it affected her. Maybe they were part of an initiation. Perhaps they were just bored.

These gangs use violence as a way of life. If they suspect someone is cooperating with authorities they hunt them down, torture them and then murder them. They murder people, beat people or rape people as part of their gang initiation.

Make no mistake. None of the animals in that gang is worth the $2 in chemicals their bodies are made of. They should be hunted down like animals and executed on the spot.

This would be a great activity for all the law enforcement in this nation. Instead of concentrating on veterans, or people who follow the Constitution or conservatives as some kind of threat to the nation perhaps the law enforcement community could concentrate on finding these thugs and bringing them to justice.

These gangs have a lot of money they have gained through less than legal means so let the cops keep what they seize if they can get rid of the bangers.

I know a lot of bleeding hearts will talk about the tough life they had or some such nonsense but I DO NOT CARE.

That young lady will now have a tough rest of her life. Her family will have a tough time from this point forward. Imagine if this were your daughter. It could happen.

I want this handled as if the victim were Barack Obama’s daughter.

MS 13 is a well organized criminal element that has long arms throughout this country. They have no regard for the law, for human life or for the rights of others and they have no issue with doing horrific things to people.

I pray for this young lady. She did not deserve this and she has been failed by a government that allows these kinds of people to come here and stay here and then turns a blind eye to their illegal acts.

The three thugs who did this have been captured and they are being held without bond. I hope they are not in a prison with other members of their gang and are in a place where they can be continuously ass raped by hardened criminals (see what I did there).

We need to declare open season on these people and hunt them down until they leave or they are exterminated. Right now they have no fear. We need to put the fear in them.

Unfortunately Obama will probably give them a medal and reward them with welfare cuz, you know, if he had a son…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Concentrate On The Gangs”

  1. sgtmac says:

    They are similar to the gangs in Fergusan and elsewhere in the country. Liberal city and state idiots, and the feds have now hamstrung our protectors. It’s going to come down to vigilantes….those that are fed up with the rights we as citizens have lost, and take matters in their own hands. Now, I’m not a proponent of vigilantism, but honest, caring folks are getting fed up.

  2. Blake says:

    These gangs are cowards who have no stones- there should be a legal hunting season on them. It would be a great form of entertainment- think of all the target practice we could get in-