Community Organizer Equals Racism, New Talking Point

The attacks against John McCain and Sarah Palin have been coordinated. The Obama campaign sends out the talking points and the surrogates all harp on the same issue. The public is supposed to believe that all these liberal twits came up with the same idea at the same time. Governor Paterson of New York today told people that McCain’s and Palin’s use of the words community organizer were code word for black and were racist remarks. It is a sure sign that Obama is in trouble because he is telling his surrogates to play the race card.

A commenter on Ben Smith’s blog reported this about the recently demoted Chris Matthews:

Yesterday Chris Matthews on Hardball mused that when Guliani made light of Obama’s “community organizer” background, he was secretly playing the race card.

Sure, Matthews said Giuliani but he has to mix it up a bit so they do not appear to be the mindless drones that they are.

My question is, are there not white community organizers? Is that job some sort of affirmative action set aside that only black people can perform? I have not heard that being a community organizer was solely a black person’s job.

Since I assume white people can do that job (and do it everyday) I can only assume that Paterson is the racist. He automatically assumes that white people would not or could not do the job and that it is reserved for blacks. That makes him the actual racist.

The Obama campaign is desperate. The assumed coronation is now in jeopardy. Obama is not happy at all to be behind and it looks like the decision to forgo public funds will hamstring him and the decision not to select Hillary will burn him. He might not get what he needs. He is striking out like a treed raccoon.

In any event, keep an eye on the news. Notice how many surrogates use the same phrases or make the same arguments. It goes to the media wing of his campaign (the MSM) and then it goes to other prominent Democrats and liberal talk show hosts and pretty soon they are all parroting the same thing. Palin didn’t really have that kid, she belonged to a secret secession society, she was trying to ban books, she wanted to make schools teach creationism. As soon as it hits the surrogates they all say it.

It is a sign that things are not well in liberal land. Obama is reeling from what is supposed to be an easy win.

He might win in November but he will be bloodied when he crosses the finish line.

Big Dog

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2 Responses to “Community Organizer Equals Racism, New Talking Point”

  1. Schatzee says:

    I nearly fell off my chair when I read what this man was saying. Somehow the phrase “community organizer” is our secret (conservative) code for black. That’s right – we all got together and decided that’s how we’re going to avoid all the racism BS. Code words. Give me a break. These people are so desperate to find a racist angle to extort that they are breaking their backs to come up with something.

  2. Buffoon says:

    You guys didn’t get the memo?
    Cardboard box, vitamin and octopus are now racist code as well…