CNN Ignores The Real Content

Fred Thompson was at an event in Houston and a young lady started screaming at him and questioning if he was a real Conservative. She kept saying “you are not a Conservative sir.” CNN reported on it and they reported the things she asked such as why he is on the Council for Foreign Relations. Thompson told her to stop fussing that she asked a question and he wanted to answer. There is a video and none of this is on it. There is one thing that is on it but this little tidbit was not reported by CNN.

The young lady asked him “…what he thought about the World Trade Center 7 it was an inside job.” Seems to me if you are trying to be balanced as a news organization one might want to include this little tidbit. Instead, the written piece is designed to make people believe a Conservative was questioning Thompson’s level of Conservatism when it is quite obvious that this woman is deranged. Anyone who believes that anything on 9/11 was an inside job should have to be on a leash when in public and should have to sleep in a cage at night.

The unfortunate thing is that this young lady had good points about the CFR and their desire to bring about the North American Union. We should not become one with Mexico and Canada and if our government does this we should have an armed revolution. The problem is she loses credibility when she starts talking about inside jobs on 9/11. In all fairness to her, this is a link to her website (WARNING: this is a 9/11 conspiracy website) and her account of the incident with Thompson. I have real concerns about the NAU but this post is about CNN ignoring a major part of a story. We can discuss the NAU another time or you can read more about it at her site (and watch an informative video).

Now I understand that this is a campaign (well at least it will be when he announces) and I understand that all kinds of people will ask all kinds of questions. That is all fair and if Thompson has any issues that need to be addressed I am sure he is a big enough man to address them. What I take issue with is the lack of integrity of CNN. It would seem to me that the part about 9/11 was pretty important to the story especially when you consider that her site is a 9/11 conspiracy website..

CNN does stand for Clinton News Network and a Clinton is running. That might explain a lot.

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2 Responses to “CNN Ignores The Real Content”

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  2. Virginia says:

    Oh yeah!! CNN have covered for Bill and Hill , the team of corruption for many .many years.