Close Down The UN

The United Nations called for the US to close Club Gitmo because of torture and abuse. These are allegations that were made but there is no proof that this kind of thing took place. The only people being abused are the guards who routinely have urine, feces, and semen thrown on them by the animals that the UN and ACLU want to let go. I think that it shows remarkable restraint on the part of the guards not to shoot the people who throw that stuff on them. I might not be able to show that kind of restraint.

We heard these allegations about a Koran being flushed down the toilet. A claim that was later shown to be unsubstantiated but a claim that caused rioting and death after it was published by an American magazine. That religion of peace gets worked up easily, I mean the Koran is a bit more important than say, a cartoon. Any way, the incident of alleged Koran flushing was deemed torture and lack of sensitivity to the religion of peace. The UN used reports like this, most from anti-war groups and the prisoners who had been released, and determined that we were torturing the animals.

A security guard in the UN has been reprimanded for drawing a swastika which was seen by an Israeli UN guard. I believe that this incident is right up there with Koran flushing and if that was torture and insensitivity then so is the swastika. Time to close down the UN. They need to pack up and go home. We can’t have an organization with a history of anti-semitism running around trying to do a job. Those Jew haters need to be sent back to the anti-Semitic countries from which they came. We can’t blame the guard though, he was just upholding the fine tradition of anti-Semitic activity that the UN is famous for. Why, the UN is a big platform for countries that hate Israel to get up and talk badly about them. We can not have an organization that allows that kind of platform. The last time we had something like that a little thing called WW II took place.

If we want to listen to people talk badly about Jews we can listen to the American Nazis or the skin heads or even the KKK. We have to listen to what they say because of the Constitution (well we don’t have to listen but they can talk) but we don’t have to pay them billions of dollars a year to mooch off our country with a nice building and great salaries.

Yep, time for the UN to go. Bet you won’t hear the hate America first crowd chiming in on this one. They hate Israel too (except at election time when they are courting the Jewish vote).


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