Clintons Defend Racist Remarks

Looks like the Clintons are now finding out what Republicans have to go through all the time but what most Democrats get a free pass on and that is the issue of race. Any Republican who makes a remark that is perceived as racist is boycotted by those idiots Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. It becomes a circus while the race hustlers have people kissing their rear ends begging for forgiveness. Then, ultimately, the person who offended the black community loses a job or position or some other thing because God knows we can’t offend the race hustlers.

The Democrats always get a pass. Hillary speaks in a black voice and talks about plantations and she is excused. There are plenty of examples of this. Hell, it isn’t only race. It deals with sex as well. Let a Republican talk about women and he is a sexist pig with NOW having a cow. Let Clinton rape women and let Ted Kennedy kill them and there is nary a word. Let’s face it, Hillary is only a viable candidate because of her husband. She had an unremarkable career and only has name recognition because of him. Without his sexcapades she might not have even been elected to the Senate. NOW surely does not chide her for needing a man to get ahead. She is qualified because she slept with the president…

Back to the point. The Clinton campaign is trying to put an end to the outrage over some comments made by them which were taken as racist by many in the black community. Bill and Hillary are used to having their way with the black community but now that a brother is running for the White House (kind of ironic when you think about it) they are fair game just as any Republican would be. Bill had to go on the Sharpton radio show to kiss his butt and explain what he said. Bill told Al that the campaign was not a fairy tale after stating that it was (which started the mess for him).

Bill was on some satellite radio program where he talked in circles, lied through his teeth, and generally used a lot of words to say nothing of substance. The Clintons also have to worry about the South Carolina primary because the black vote is capable of making the difference. In addition, New York, once though to be in the bag for Hillary, is now considered in play. The Clintons have probably feared this the whole time but never really thought it would happen. Now people can complain about the race issue being brought up (it was not raised by Obama) but no one gave it a second thought when Hillary was playing the gender card.

It is fun watching them squirm and it would be great to see the black vote ruin her after all the years the Clintons pandered to blacks and then abandoned them after the votes were counted.

As for the racism, let us not forget that Obama is probably a racist as well. He hangs with Sharpton and other shady characters who hate white people and make racist remarks about them. As one of the other bloggers put it, Obama is a smile in an empty suit. However, that empty suit is just as racist as the Clintons are made out to be.

But the black guy will always get the pass on that issue. Look at Sharpton and all he has gotten away with. Kos was interested in helping the Republicans fight with each other blah, blah. It appears that the black guy and the racist woman in the Democratic party might cause a lot of fragmentation. If they are not careful the Breck girl John Edwards might sneak in.

It is getting fun and keep this in mind. If the Clintons did not think they had made racist remarks (they probably meant to and figured they would not be taken as such) then why are they all over the airwaves and TV shows defending what they said?

They know they are wrong and they are now pandering.

Hillary is Satan.

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3 Responses to “Clintons Defend Racist Remarks”

  1. irtexas44 says:


    Can you just imagine the prucking going on in the Clinton house hold trailer? The two of them going at each other. Poor Bubba may not get Air Force 1 back. My heart just bleeds for them…..not. I think it’s great. Couldn’t happen to more deserving people.

    On to bigger and better things. Isn’t the new polar bear just cute?

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