Clintons Are Loyal, to Money

Hillary Clinton took her tour to Liberal San Francisco where supporters swooned all over her. Five people were removed from the event for protesting US involvement in Iraq (a shot at Hillary’s war vote). Funny how no one will make a big deal about that and say she only lets in people who agree with her, like they did when Bush ran for his second term. There was some discussion about the recent fracas. Here is what one kool aid drinker said:

“(Geffen) sucked up every benefit he could when Bill Clinton was president. He spent the night in the White House, and he had private briefings with the president,” said attorney Martha Whetstone, a longtime friend of the Clintons from Arkansas. “The values of loyalty are important, and the Clintons have that in spades … and to try to go after them on a national scale to settle a personal vendetta is unconscionable.” SF Gate

How is it that Geffen sucked up every benefit? Geffen raised 18 million dollars for Bill Clinton. So he got a few private audiences with the president and he slept in the Lincoln bedroom twice. Seems like he did not get too much for the amount of money he raised for Bill. The truth is, the Clintons were very loyal when Geffen was bringing money in for them. Hell, Bill pardoned people in exchange for cash. They only care about the almighty dollar and if you can’t or won’t raise it for them then they do not want to have anything to do with you. They are not loyal to anyone except themselves. Look how Geffen was treated for endorsing Obama. You want to see how they value loyalty, wait until the first friend of theirs becomes a liability. She will distance herself and make sure that person is never a part of anything.

Geffen has every right, as a private citizen, to say what he wants. He has every right to donate his money and to raise money for whomever he sees fit. If this guy was in Clinton’s camp and raising money for her she would be praising him for his work.

Just ask Vince Foster about loyalty. Remember, if Foster really had a gun he would still be alive today.

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One Response to “Clintons Are Loyal, to Money”

  1. Virginia says:

    So true, lot of people never seem to notice how Clinton uses people then throws them in garbage, or they just die or disappear somehow someway.