Clinton Wants to Bring the Troops Home

In what seems like her thousandth position on the war, Hillary Rodham says that the best way to honor the troops is to bring them home. I would say that the best way to honor them is to have them win the war but that would just be a difference of opinion between someone who served in the military and someone who has always disliked the military until it became politically necessary to support it. Interestingly, Hillary made her speech during the Summer recess, the time when Congress takes the entire month off and does absolutely nothing while earning a paycheck. While on her vacation Hillary said this about the Iraqi government:

Clinton, seeking the Democratic nomination for president, praised the work that soldiers have done in Iraq but described the Iraqi government as “on vacation,” leaving American troops in the middle of a sectarian war.

So the Iraqi government went on vacation while our troops are in the middle of a war while the American government did, what? I guess that she means the Iraqi government is not supporting our troops because it went on vacation. If that is the case, the same is true for the American government. Of course, our Congress only works 100 days a year while expecting others to do more. That is the way it always is with our Congress.

Hillary Rodham also said that she wanted to strengthen our image abroad and that; ” “People have to root for America,” she said. “They have to want to be on our side.”

I have an idea for Ms. Rodham. How about we start by getting you cut and run losers in Congress to start rooting for America? How about you guys lead by example and show the rest of the world that YOU are rooting for America and not against her. Get Harry Reid and his gang of moonbats to root for us, get Bella Pelosi and her gang of moonbats to root for us and then we can worry about the rest of the world rooting for us.

Hillary derides the Iraqis for being on vacation during a war while she and our Congress is on vacation during a war and then she says we need to get the world to root for us and be on our side while the Democrats in our own government are rooting against us and are not on our side.

Is there any way to be more conflicted?


Big Dog

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4 Responses to “Clinton Wants to Bring the Troops Home”

  1. irtexas44 says:

    I have already made my view on this evil person in another post here.

    I heard two military men on the radio yesterday. It was a rebroadcast of the Hannity show from a week ago Monday. 1 Marine and 1 Army. They said they will not reup when their currant tours are over if the dimwits win. They said that they will not serve a country or government that does not support them. Both have been to both theaters. I wanted to cry. I felt so bad that these brave men and women have to listen to the BS that the jerks in DC say.

    Both said they have a job to finish and were close to tears when talking about how they feel about not being able to complete their work.

    When we get attacked again I want to see all of these big mouths there in less than 1 hour making sure everyone can see what liars they are. Let’s see how they handle it.

    That should be one of the greatest comedy’s of the decade.

    But with this evil woman going to fix the unions, health care, the war, the world as she sees fit to do. If by anymeans she wins the election we can only hope that she is impeached with in 6 weeks of the take over. Not just in name only but removed from office and escorted to padded room that she deserves.

    Like I said before if she comes out in a blue turbin, run.

  2. irtexas44 says:

    I forgot the work records of these poor excuses for congress reps. If the attendance records of these money grabbing excuses that say they represent the people was 38% or 34% would we have a job? I don’t think so. If they only have to be there for 100 days a year what is so pressing that they can’t be there? Partying, traveling on our dime, just plain don’t want to go?

    I keep checking the bills that are being put through and I love the way they attach millions to a park opening bill. I forgot under the Hildabeast note to mention the million that her and Schumkie Schumer want for a Woodstock museum. Why? Who cares about Woodstock? One idea is that now after all these years the man that wouldn’t sell his land now all of sudden is selling it??? Things like this make me wonder. Hil’s 150 million for the displaced people in Columbia to help them live a better life and be more successful has really got me in a snit. Has she never looked around this country? I don’t care about the displaced people in the biggest drug country. If you think I’m not being a caring loving person, well I’m not. I want these people out of our country. Our laws aren’t broken except if your breaking them.

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  4. Patsy says:

    I hear you, Tex. These politicians haven’t a clue how hard Americans work for the billions they just throw away on some stupid project. They don’t understand the concept of someone who gets up at O’early thirty, showers, gets dressed, feeds the kids and gets them ready for school, goes to work and is there for 8 to 10 hours, then goes home and takes care of their spouse and kids, house, homework, bills, etc., and doesn’t have enough of the money he earns to pay all he owes.

    Senators like Hillary think they’re doing good work by taking that man’s money from him and giving it to Columbia, so the poor man who doesn’t earn enough picking the drug kingpin’s coca leaves, can have a better life. Complete bulls***!

    Hillary wants to be President. We don’t have any idea who she really is. She changes her position and her policies depending on who she’s talking to. She has no set core values or beliefs that I’m aware of.

    Her memory is terrible when there are questions about illegal fundraising, except that someone else is responsible. She is always unaware of what transpired. How can she run the most powerful nation in the world if she can keep track of her own campaigns?

    The most powerful elective office in the world requires that the position be held by an individual who is willing & able to accept the responsibility not just their own actions, but also those of the individuals whom they surround themselves with. Hillary can’t hire a bunch of incompetents, like her husband did, and then claim they did. She is supposed to be the smartest woman in the world. If she’s so smart, why does she keep surrounding herself with idiots?

    I don’t trust Hillary Clinton, even less than I did her husband and I didn’t trust him at all.