Clinton Tactic, Deny, Deny, Deny

I don’t honestly know why people ask either Clinton a question and expect to get an honest answer. They have shown time and again that they will deny everything and then attack the person making the claims. It is ingrained in their DNA and they and their mindless drones are the only ones who think they are telling the truth. Yesterday, a photo of Barack Obama in the clothing of a Somali elder was posted on Drudge and the caption stated it was being circulated around the Clinton camp. The story further states that the email contained the question; any doubt this would be on the cover of all the magazines if it were HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton). I think this is a valid question and when asked about it the campaign could certainly have taken that approach. Indicate that even though the garb was not offensive they have no doubt if Hillary had worn it she would have gotten more attention. For their part, the Obama campaign overreacted to the photo.

Instead of saying that the photo was sent around with the question, Hillary denies knowing about it. I find it hard to believe that she does not get email from her campaign and I find it even harder to believe that she knew nothing about the controversy since it was on Drudge. If someone posts a picture of an ant getting fried under a magnifying lens to Drudge, the world knows about it in minutes. Mitt Romney indicated he checked Drudge several times a day, rush Limbaugh is on Drudge all the time and Obama’s campaign picked it up from Drudge very quickly. By denying, Hillary looks like a fool because it clearly indicates that it came from her campaign.

This kind of behavior has to remind people of her husband’s time in office. Time and again he deceived the public. He was not going to raise taxes and then no one told him how bad things were so he had to do it (he intended to all along because that is what Democrats do). He lied about “that woman” and he continued to lie about every scandal that hit his administration. The left has spent years convincing its blind followers that Bill Clinton got in trouble for having an inappropriate sexual relationship when in fact he was convicted of perjury. he did not lose his law license for sex, he lost it for lying under oath.

Obama has been pointing out politics as usual and says he is not part of the DC crowd and will do things differently. Even though his ideas and plans are all rehashes of tired and worn out Democratic platforms, he is pulling ahead because Clinton continually looks like a DC insider who plays politics as usual. She trows the mud and then tries to clean it up with lies and innuendo. She is doing the same by saying that she has worn the garb of many countries when she traveled the world and that this should be no big deal. Since the Obama camp jumped on this quickly, they played right into it and could look foolish. By defending it and calling it divisive the camp made it appear as if Obama did something wrong.

I will say this, I think that it is appropriate to print these kinds of photos. The media has printed photos of George Bush in some outlandish clothing worn in other countries (and don’t forget the dancing) and the drones at Kos have had a field day with it. John Kerry did not get good press when he wore that white spacesuit looking thing where he looked like a sperm cell moving around. In any respect, it is not a big deal. It receives attention because of Obama’s ties to Muslims and his perceived softness on national security. It makes him look like he sympathizes with the people who want to kill us. Perhaps that was the goal but by attaching the question to it the Clinton camp made a valid observation.

It is obvious that the media loves Obama and he gets much more favorable press than does Clinton. The spoof that opened Saturday Night Live pointed that out quite nicely. The Clintons and their supporters are crying and whining about this disparity.

Welcome to the world of the conservatives. Our guys get unfavorable press no matter what. The NYT endorsed McCain and then blasted him with a hit piece. They endorsed Obama and had some negative things to say about Hillary. Is there any doubt that if Hillary were to win the nomination the NYT would endorse her over McCain?

Now the Clintons and their supporters see what Bush has had to go through for the last 7 years as the media and the left bashed him for doing nothing differently than the previous occupant of the White House.

I like to see the left get upset about this and it could not have happened to a “nicer” person.


Big Dog

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