Clinton Swings from Hawk to Chicken

Hillary Clinton, who likes to take decisions based on poll results, has heard what her base is saying and has moved away from the war. Her transformation has taken several steps along the way. Originally she voted for the war and claimed to support the troops. She has voted for the spending bills for the war and made many statements indicating that she did not believe there should be a timetable for withdrawal. Of course, she has blamed the war, which she calls a mistake, on Bush but has avoided calling her vote a mistake. As I pointed out in an earlier post, she believes that the president deserves the benefit of the doubt and that Congress should not be directing the president’s actions. Except, of course, when the president is Bush.

Hillary has been avoiding calling her vote for the war a mistake so as to avoid being labeled a poll watcher, indecisive, or a flip-flopper. Her latest modification actually makes her look like all of the above. She is now indicating that the troops should begin coming home in 90 days and she is introducing legislation to limit the number of troops and to require Congressional approval for any increase. Then, she wants the troops to begin coming home within 90 days. This is nothing more than cut and run, regardless of what name they use to disguise it.

Hillary earlier stated that she believed a timetable for withdrawal would be a mistake. She has changed that position to espouse a 90 day timetable. This is a flip-flop, shows indecision and is definitely based on polls that show a lot of the Democratic base are upset with people who voted yes for the war, especially those who will not say they were wrong. It also shows that Hillary Clinton does not really care about the troops. In the past she thought a timetable would be dangerous to them and to Iraq, now she wants a timetable, danger be damned.

She indicated that her trip to Iraq only strengthened her opinion that the troops needed to come home. How many did she ask? How many places did she go? How many soldiers on this trip were forced to spend time with her against their will? Hillary is confident that she will be in the general election so she is not tilting too far tot he left, just yet. She is trying to appease the anti-war crowd so she will do well in the primaries. If she falters in any of those contests she will take a hard left turn like people have never seen. Her actions are all in accordance with those I have lain out all along. She is playing the game just as I said she would. I know her game plan.


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3 Responses to “Clinton Swings from Hawk to Chicken”

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  2. cary says:

    My question is, why is she traveling to a warzone? Is she a military commander? Is she a foreign policy expert? I also pose the same questions about ANY Career Politician who travels out of the country – what does the country of (X) have to do with you representing the people in your district?