Clinton Spied, People Died

For a couple of years now we have been deluged with story after story about how George Bush (or king George as the moonbats call him) has been chipping away at out civil liberties by listening to the phone conversations of people with terrorist ties. The New York Times has printed each classified program and revealed exactly what we are doing and thereby helping the enemy. For a group of people who went batty over the disclosure of Plame’s “Secret” they sure do not mind telling the rest of our secrets.

Former Presidents Clinton and Carter have weighed in on this and of course they are opposed to the supposed violation of civil liberties. The moonbats on the left have gone bonkers with the whole idea that Bush is listening to all their sordid phone conversations. Despite several court rulings that explicitly stated the President has the authority to do this and despite the fact that Clinton and Carter both did this the left refuses to view this as any thing but an invasion of privacy. The left and its friends in the ACLU have sued to get the program halted and they work daily in order to take this valuable, and legal, tool out of the President’s hands.

Interestingly, Bill Clinton who is a critic of Bush, intercepted the conversations of Princess Diana without the permission of the intelligence services in the UK. The accounts indicate that it was the people to whom Diana was speaking rather than she that were the targets of the surveillance. Regardless, where are the FISA warrants and where are all the other things the left is demanding that Bush produce before he tramples on their rights? How exactly did Clinton get away with this in a time of peace while the NYT is disclosing it in a time of war?

I believe that Clinton was well within his rights as President to authorize the surveillance though he was probably just interested in getting to hear Diana, a woman that some have indicated he was interested in. The thing is, the surveillance involved an American here in the US on one end of the call. Under the rules that the libs have established for Bush, Clinton broke the law and should be impeached again. Should we start calling him King William?

An odd portion of the story indicates that the intelligence folks listened in on Diana on the night that she was killed in a car accident. Therefore, it is safe to say that Clinton spied and people died.

Daily Mail UK

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2 Responses to “Clinton Spied, People Died”

  1. Raven says:

    I don’t think it was right for Billary to use our intell resources to listen in on any conversations of Diana- just because HE wanted to hear her, because he was interested in her. I’m pretty sure she would have vomited at the thought that Billary had hots for her.


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