Clinton Sexism Deniers Miss The Point

There are a number of articles describing the ongoing word battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Clinton claimed Trump was a sexist (while she was boo hooing about being bullied) and Trump indicated that if she was going to throw accusations like that around her husband, former President Bill Clinton, was fair game with regard to his abuse of women.

The people defending Hillary range from those saying Trump is absolutely a sexist who treats women badly to those who claim all this stuff with Bill happened a long time ago and should not have any bearing on Hillary and her campaign. It should be, according to them, left out of the equation.

All these folks are missing he point. There is absolutely no doubt that Bill Clinton abused women and sexually assaulted them. Far too many women have accused Bill of abuse or rape to ignore and even though it happened a long time ago it still has bearing on this race and that is because of Hillary.

It is easy for Clinton supporters to dismiss the allegations as women going after a powerful man and that they are liars but let us not forget the only one caught lying in all of this was BILL CLINTON and he was caught at least twice. He lied about the Lewinsky affair and if she had not kept that dress she would be the one who was a liar and starstruck. Instead she proved he did what he claimed he did not. Jennifer Flowers was also vindicated. When Bill first ran for office she claimed to have been his mistress. He denied it basically calling her a liar. During the Lewinsky affair Bill had to admit he had a many year sexual relationship with Flowers. Accusers 2 Clinton 0. There is less evidence against Bill Cosby than Bill Clinton and Cosby has been indicted.

You see, Hillary claimed that ALL women who claim to have been sexually abused by some man deserve to be heard and taken seriously.

But this is the same Hillary Clinton who attacked the women who made those claims about her husband. Hillary had a war room set up for what she called bimbo eruptions and she and her people attacked any woman who came forward to accuse Bill of sexual misconduct. Hillary did not allow these women the opportunity to be heard and did everything she could to discredit and strike fear into them.

Now, all of the sudden, she is the champion of women’s rights and a defender of women who have been abused by men? Get real people. Hillary Clinton does not care about anyone but herself. She does not care if Bill pokes everything with breasts as long as it does not interfere with her ambitions.

The Trump incident only brings this to light. Hillary accused Trump of being a sexist (as do all of Hill’s defenders) but they all ignore the fact that Bill is actually a sexual predator. Trump merely stated that if they were going to try and pin sexism on him he was going to turn it around on them by bringing Bill into the discussion.

Trump is a businessman who has had thousands of people working for him. A heck of a lot of those people were women. How many stories have we heard from these women indicating that Trump was a sexist? Remember that the Democrats were able to find women willing to accuse Herman Cain of sexual impropriety and Gloria Alred rode out to defend an accuser in an effort to quash a Republican candidate (who happened to be black and possibly a threat to Obama’s hold on power) so that Obama and the Democrats could win.

Where are these women with regard to Trump? It seems to me if Trump were a sexist who abused women that there would be a lot of women to poll and see if he abused them. Seems to me that any woman who he did this to would be eager to discredit him and sink his campaign. I have no doubt the Democrats will find women willing to manufacture a claim against Trump (like they did with Cain) but so far no woman has voluntarily reported that Trump abused her, sexually or otherwise.

The Hillary apologists are trying to point the discussion in a different direction by claiming that Bill is not running, what he did should not be held against her and that it is not fair.

The reality is Hillary was the one who cleaned up Bill’s messes by attacking the very women she says deserve to be heard. She was responsible for the lives that were shattered and the women who were left bruised and battered (figuratively and literally) by her abusive rapist husband. She enabled him by protecting him and attacking them.

As the candidate’s wife and later First Lady these women were bimbos who needed to be destroyed. Now that she is the candidate they are people who must be heard.

Imagine if they were heard and taken seriously back then. We might have never had a President Clinton and his wife would not be running now.

In any event, Hillary is crying that she was attacked and boo hoo she is a woman and she can’t be attacked because that is sexist. Isn’t it amazing that Hillary screams about being treated fairly but when she is treated by Trump the way he treats everyone else she cries that it is not fair boo hoo I’m a woman? Hill, if you want to be treated equally then you can’t ask for special treatment because you are a woman. It is particularly amusing that she cries about Trump’s choice of words (schlonged, used by Democrats before) but she uses the “F bomb” regularly and has many worse words she uses to describe people, just ask some of her former Secret Service detail. Hell, Hillary once shouted to Bill to put his d*ck back in his pants he could not f*ck her here about a woman he was talking to

The pay gap Hillary talks about is complete nonsense but she uses it to push her women are not treated equally meme and there are plenty of mush heads who believe it. There is no pay gap but if we have to treat Hillary differently because she is a woman then perhaps we do need to pay her less…

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