Clinton Pulls Ad That was Full of Lies

I wrote earlier that the Clinton mantra is that it isn’t illegal until they tell you it is and a variation of that can be used for the way they run their campaign. To the Clintons it is OK or non offensive until someone says it is. This is the case with a recent ad that the Clinton crime family was running in South Carolina. The ad was full of lies and half truths with regard to Barack Obama. A lot of people were very unhappy with the ad and the outright lies in it and these people were Democrats. The ad was pulled earlier today not long after it started running.

The Clintons will continue this approach and hope that something they do sticks. They will sling mud and if it causes backlash their way they will wipe off the mud and sling some from a different direction. Eventually they will find a handful that will stick to Obama and get people to question his candidacy. The first tactics involved Hillary crying and Bill attacking Obama the night before and election. The MSM is reporting that this tactic has gotten old with the Democratic faithful and some are beginning to look at Bubba in a new light. In Nevada it was claims of voter irregularities leveled by Bill Clinton even though the real intimidation was the actions of Clinton people.

Now that Bill has been warned by the elder party statesmen, they had to devise a new plan and that plan involved spreading lies about Obama. Fortunately, many in the party saw this for what it was and pitched a fit forcing the Clinton gang to remove the ad.

This is not the end. Obama leads in South Carolina by nearly 20 points even though Hillary had a double digit lead as late as last November. She is playing down SC but her campaign is actively trying to win it because they have invested quite a bit in the state. Obama led by double digits in New Hampshire and lost to the beast and it is quite possible he can lose again. It all depends upon how many illegitimate votes the Clintons can muster.

Regardless of the outcome, the Clintons will continue to throw mud all the while hoping some of it sticks. I guess they are not aware that if you throw enough mud you are left in a hole.

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One Response to “Clinton Pulls Ad That was Full of Lies”

  1. Virginia says:

    I would like that hole they dig that mud from to cave in on them, that would be the best thing that could happen to America. As many promises as they have made for illegal campaign funds, one of these days, I look for them to get a fatal dose of their own medicine. Probably from a foreign source or a drug cartel.