Clinton Crime Family Leaves Evidence

Bill and Hillary Clinton have been in public life for decades and there have been allegations that they have broken the law. Unfortunately, the MSM never fully investigated any of the claims and the top bosses of the crime family were able to escape justice. I have made claims about Democratic voter fraud in the past (most recently in response to a few of the Kos kids) and I am challenged by those on the left to show the fraud. Despite the fraud being before their eyes they refuse to see it. Let a Republican sneeze at a polling place and Michael Moore is there with a camera to shoot another documentary.

It appears that the Clintons have turned their election stealing ways inward and are now using them in the Democratic primaries in order to ensure Hillary beats Barack Obama. Obama led by double digits in New Hampshire and then Hillary pulled out a 3 point win. There have been allegations that a large number of cars from neighboring states were at the polling places and in new Hampshire if one shows up and states he plans to move there, he may vote.

In Nevada the Clintons claimed that strong handed tactics were being used by the Obama campaign but in reality it was the Clintons who were intimidating voters and breaking the law. Whenever the Clintons accuse the other side of something it is a pretty good indication that they are the ones actually doing it. The Obama campaign has asked Nevada officials to look into more than 1600 complaints of voter intimidation by the Clinton crime family. Obama’s people are not challenging the results, they just want the allegations investigated.

Particularly interesting is an instruction sheet for the Clinton workers detailing how to get people to caucus for Hillary. The particularly telling line is one that reads:

“It’s not illegal unless they tell you so.”

This should come as no surprise since this is how the Clintons have always lived their lives. Bill’s sexcapades were not illegal unless he got caught, the land deals, Hillary’s law firm work, none of it was illegal unless they were told so. In reality though, to the Clintons personally, it is not illegal even when they are told that it is. She broke FEC rules regarding campaign donations and it was caught on film and yet she has not been taken to task.

The Clintons will say and do anything to get elected. They seek power and will do whatever it takes in order to attain it and they feel that whatever they do is legal so long as no one tells them otherwise.

Perhaps Michael Moore can start showing up at Democratic polling places and film the irregularities. There were plenty of them in Nevada and that was told by a member of Kos who was caucusing for Obama. I imagine I would have been arrested if I had been there…

It is important for people to see the Clintons as they really are and now that she is in a tight race with another Democrat the methods will be more widely scrutinized by the people on the left. They will finally see what we on the right have known all along.

You cannot trust the Clintons because they will do anything, legal or otherwise, in order to win.

As an aside, anyone want to bet Chelsea runs for office in the next few years? I know she makes good money but mommy and daddy got rich and never held a real job.


Big Dog

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5 Responses to “Clinton Crime Family Leaves Evidence”

  1. When the Clintons do it, it is a “crime”; when the Republicans do it, it is right and just. What a hypocrite.

  2. Big Dog says:

    No one said it was a crime or it was right and just. I believe the post makes it clear that the photo is like thousands of others that the president is in. However, if it was a big deal when it involved Bush then it must be a big deal now that it involves Clinton.

  3. Claude In Kansas says:

    I think all politicians are no more than prostitutes and your man George is probably the biggest whore of all. No other politician has ever “worked” for a group as hard as he has for the oil companies and the Arabs! He has pulled off the biggest heist in the worlds history! He is the one that should be locked up first!

  4. Hi Bigdog,

    I take it that your a republican and you are entitled to your own opinions but this post is a little one sided. I’m not a big Hillary fan but I am objective and before making statements I think it would be in the best interest to have some evidence to back your statements.

  5. Big Dog says:

    There is plenty of evidence. It has been displayed in the countless books written about them and it has been in the Special Prosecutor reports. Even though it is redacted heavily, it still has the details.