Clinton Back for More

Former President William Jefferson “Slick Willy” Clinton was in the great state of Pennsylvania today to stump for John Kerry. Clinton, who has been out of the limelight for ten weeks because of heart surgery, has been called upon to administer some TLC to a fading Kerry bid for the White House. Clinton was there for one reason and one reason only. He was there to solidify the black vote for Kerry. Democrats have traditionally won the black vote by overwhelming margins. The fact that they had to drag Clinton out of his sick bed to stump this late in the game is an act of desperation.

Of course, Clinton’s doctors told him to get plenty of rest so the bed is probably the last place he needs to be for that to take place. Clinton was on the attack about how the republicans are trying to suppress the voter turnout. He asked if anyone remembered Florida in 2000. After the boos subsided he said it worked so good for them there they decided to try it in other places.

It is amazing that after all the investigations in to voter intimidation that have shown no evidence of it, Clinton would make these remarks. Take a look at the news and see just whose campaign offices are being broken in to. Look at what voters are being harassed. The donks are out in full force trying to intimidate the Bush supporters. Day after day we get the news reports and Clinton accuses the republicans of it! I’ve said it before and I will say it again, if they are accusing us of it then they are doing it.

How pathetic the Kerry campaign has become in the last few weeks. Kerry, a self proclaimed Catholic with strong beliefs in his religion, is in predominately black Protestant churches each Sunday, campaigning from the pulpit. They have enlisted Al Gore to go to Florida and cry about how he lost there. Hey Al, get over it. Everyone there knows you lost. As a matter of fact you lost a bunch of times in all the recounts. They have also brought out Ms. Edwards who said there would be no riots on election day so long as Kerry wins. Is this a threat? Isn’t it the republicans who the donks say are fear mongering? Ms. Edwards made the case for the rest of us. If Kerry wins the republicans will be civilized. If he does not, the donks won’t. The icing on the cake is when they pulled Clinton out of his sick bed to shock some life into the campaign. I see these things as acts of desperation.

Lastly, where was Hillary? She was not at hubby’s side helping him. She wants Kerry to lose and she is probably a little more than miffed at Bill for jumping in to help. I guess she probably said to Bill, You are not getting any now. To which he replied, well maybe not from you…

Look around at what is going on. The donks are in meltdown. They are not going to win and they can feel the hands of defeat grasping their throats. They are desperate and they will do anything. I think the riot comment was over the top and not very bright. The conservatives are the ones who believe in the Second Amendment so it won’t be pretty when the gun grabbers riot.

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