Clinton Adds to Den of Thieves

They say you can tell a lot about people by the company they keep. Hillary Clinton has told us a lot about herself with the newest addition to her advisory staff. Clinton has hired on Sandy Berger as an adviser. Berger was convicted of stealing and then destroying classified documents from the National Archives.

It seems not to bother Clinton that a man who violated the trust of this country and who should be in jail works for her. It must not bother her because she allowed the guy to be hired. If this is an indication of how a Hillary White House will operate then it should give people pause with regard to putting her in there. It was bad enough to go through eight years of her husband and his den of thieves but to go through it again would be insane.

This is Washington business as usual. Hire the people who have screwed the place up so they can continue to give us more of the same. It is beyond me how there are so few qualified people in this country that we must continue to recycle has beens and thieves through the DC machine.

Of course, this job could be payback for Berger’s deeds at the Archives. It is believed that he stole documents that were harmful to former President Clinton. The documents might have implicated Clinton in the apathy that led to 9/11.

Hillary is some piece of work. She has a husband who can’t keep things in his pants and an adviser who can’t keep things out.

Baltimore Examiner

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3 Responses to “Clinton Adds to Den of Thieves”

  1. laura says:

    Gee, where’s the outrage here? Oh, that’s right, its the Demos!

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  3. Virginia says:

    She needs him in there to help her steal everything else she wants out of there, plus insert her own false information. After she is finished with him, we know what happens to people that knows to much on the Clintons. We already know he is a future fatal accident victim.