Climate Gas Tax Coming to America?

Canadians are being asked to pony up 12 cents a gallon to avert environmental catastrophe. This is an unusual move since global warming and climate change are theories that have yet to be proven. Those who support this idea have yet to show that this is not a cyclical event and have little real proof that there is man made global warming or if man could actually stop it. This or course, is fueled by Al Gore and his movie “An Inconvenient Truth” which many have claimed is long on hype and short on truth. Gore is great at speculating what might happen.

How long will it be before we Americans are asked to pony up money at the gas pump in order to avert something that might not even be coming? States and the federal government already sock us with high taxes at the gas pump and taxes account for more money to the coffers of various governments than the amount of profit oil companies make. I have written about this in the past and it remains largely ignored by those in government who carp about alleged or imagined gouging at the gas pump by oil companies while ignoring the gouging that actually takes place. Maryland is set to increase taxes on gasoline in order to help reduce deficit spending put in place by years of Democratic rule where programs are mandated without a funding source.

Maryland intends to really screw taxpayers by making the gas tax a percentage of the price of gasoline so every time gas goes up so will taxes. We can assume, with relative certainty, that prices will not drop and even if they did I am sure the legislators will find a way to impose a minimum tax so they do not lose the opportunity to screw us out of our hard earned money. Look out America because it might not be very long before the federal and other state governments use this percentage scheme to reach deeper into your pockets.

The Democrats never met a tax they didn’t hike and you can bet they are looking at this Canadian proposal very closely as a new source of revenue in America. You can also bet that little if any of the money will be spent on repairing the environment or fixing global warming. Like Social Security, global warming taxes will provide those in Congress and state legislatures with another source of revenue for which to leave untold billions in IOUs.

Maybe we can keep track of the increase and demand a refund if global warming is disproved (we have already seen it does not matter that it has not been proven). Better yet, why don’t we all refuse to pay the taxes and then demand amnesty from our government?

Instead of complaining about oil companies why don’t people turn their attention to the real price gougers, the state and federal governments?

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