Civil Tone From Biden And We Are Still Heading For Ruin

Joe Bite Me Biden and the rest of the limp wristed Democrats would not call Nidal Hasan, the Muslim Terrorist Soldier who shot his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, a terrorist. We were cautioned not to jump to conclusions. A man screaming Allah Akbar and shooting American soldiers is not considered an act of terror and we were cautioned not to jump but let the elected people of this country oppose the careless spending of the government and they are terrorists. Democrats including Vice President Joe Biden called the TEA Party members of Congress terrorists (Biden denies saying it).

You see, these morons do not want civil discourse and they do not want debate. They want things their way and anyone who disagrees is a terrorist. The folks who had TEA Party support made pledges not to raise taxes and not to increase the debt ceiling unless it was linked to a balanced budget amendment. Those things are not taking place and the TEA Party members of Congress rejected the ideas. This makes them terrorists.

Yes, if you stand on your principles and keep your word then you are a terrorist. The Democrats will demonize Americans and caution us not to jump to conclusions when it concerns our enemies. Is there any doubt where their loyalties lie and that they will put politics before country? If demanding fiscal responsibility and demanding that our country spend less and be more prudent is what makes a terrorist then color me a terrorist but keep in mind that it is the people opposed to the ideas of smaller, more efficient government who are ruining this nation.

The debt limit vote still needs to pass the Senate and I am holding out hope that it will be stopped. The deal will increase taxes in 2012 when the Bush tax cuts expire and the tax increases under Obamacare take effect. The FICA lower taxes will also go back up. These are tax increases and they will hurt us. The CBO would rate extending the Bush tax cuts as costing us 5 trillion in revenue (this is how the goofy math is done in DC) so if the tax cuts expire is that not a 5 trillion dollar tax increase that must be offset by 5 trillion in cuts? And I want the cuts to be immediate and not over ten years. If you can’t spread tax increases and debt increases over ten years then I don’t want the cuts spread over that time.

The liberals said we had to raise the debt limit or we would default, lose our AAA rating and pay higher interest rates. First of all, the only way we could have defaulted is if Obama made a willful decision not to pay the people we borrowed money from. We have the income to do that so there is no way we could have defaulted on the debt. We would have had to cut some spending on programs that the government is not obligated to pay for and can stop at any time so there is no real issue there. We would not have defaulted. In addition, we will likely lose our AAA rating anyway. So we will have trillions more in debt, higher taxes and we will be paying higher interest rates as a result of the debt increase. Way to go Congress. I hope you libs are happy that you gave us the double whammy.

Did I say double whammy? I meant triple whammy. The libs said we could not default (their words, not mine) and that if we did, in addition to losing our credit rating we would also have a double dip recession. One commenter keeps saying it is the double dip I (and other conservatives) kept hoping for. That is not the truth. None of us wanted it to happen but we knew from history and the reckless spending that it likely would. Now it looks as if it is already here (and it took place well before this debt issue festered into what it is now). In other words, the Obama policies caused it and not the debt limit issue.

To top it all off the Republicans broke their pledge to post all legislation online 3 days prior to any vote. The debt limit bill was not posted for an entire day before it was voted upon. The Republican information on that part of the pledge indicates that it pertains to non emergency items but the original Pledge to America they signed contained no such language.

They broke their word and did not post it 3 days in advance. They have not been transparent and have been nothing more than what the Democrats are. Liars.

Well, not the ones who stood their ground and did not vote for this crappy deal.

America is going to suffer greatly and the Republicans gave Obama and the Democrats a way to blame it on the right. The Republicans gave in and will now, at the least, share the responsibility for the coming disaster. That is unless the Democrats find a way to blame it all on the right.

Stick to your principles and vote for what is right and what your constituents want. If you do that then you will be supported. if you don’t then you will be kicked to the curb.

Have the courage of your convictions and keep your word.

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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22 Responses to “Civil Tone From Biden And We Are Still Heading For Ruin”

  1. doubletap says:

    it is a good idea to kick them to the curb but for some dumb reason we still pay them. pay them no more and add the money to clearing the debt. they are all liars and thieves from him on down

  2. Adam says:

    I get it. You don’t call yourselves terrorists. You’re freedom fighters.

    A small piece of the GOP drew a line in the sand so the rest of the government would have to choose between an economy slowing package of spending cuts or an economy wrecking default.

    This radical band of conservatives basically asked the country how we want you to prepare our crap sandwich. I’ll take mine with some french fries, I guess.

    • Big Dog says:

      You don’t get it. We do not call ourselves terrorists because we are not terrorists and only people with limitied intellect would even make any argument to the contrary. What is being done does nto meet the definition or terror or terrorism. In fact, those members of Congress were doing nothing more than your buddies on the left did during the Obamacare debate. The big difference is that the majority of Americans want our budget balanced and the government to spend less, not more whereas the majority opposed Obamacare.

      While Democrats were ramming Obamacare down our throats agaisnt our will and against the majority of Americans we never called them terrorists. It might have been ugly and it might have bordered on corrupt but it was the process.

      Now that we have people who were elected to oppose the debt limit increase and the increase in taxes and the out of control spending doing just those things you and your ilk want to call them terrorists. You bast*rds can’t even call the terrorists by that name but you will call us that.

      No Adam, you don’t get it. We don’t call ourselves terrorists because we are not terrorists. You and anyone else who espouses this philosophy should be ashamed of yourselves.

      Now educate yourself or let me see you repent and call Pelosi, Obama, and Reid terrorists for the way they handled their legislation that was opposed by the majority of Americans.

    • Big Dog says:

      As far as it goes Adam, there would be no default. You and your libs can spew that but there would be NO default. We had the money to service the debt. There would have been serious cuts to internal programs but the debt would have been serviced and therefore could not have been a default. Another example of the failing education system is that you think it and that when Obama says it you all believe it. Number two is that we will lose our credit rating anyway because this does not go far enough. Period. We are either entering or are in a second recession.

      Keep in mind that this is all because of what they are doing. This will all lead to bad things and the blame will be Obama’s. He has some cover because he got Republicans to get on board (funny how half the Democrats stayed behind that line in the sand the Republicans drew and I think it was more Dems than Repubs behind that line) but when it all goes to hell it will be Obama’s baby.

      He ensured he will be a one termer because this will not make the economy better and without a good economy he will not get reelected.

  3. Adam says:

    No, you don’t get it. It has nothing to do who supports your side’s actions and who doesn’t. It has everything to do with the fact that you held the threat of a default and economic ruin over our heads until you got the Democratic leaders to give you what you wanted.

    You can say there would be no default but that suggestion goes against the evidence, again. Say, why is it when your side draws a line in the sand you’re always fighting against facts and reality to make your stand?

    • Blake says:

      Adam, It is you who doesn’t get it- the “cuts” in spending in its FIRST year amount to less than 5 hours of governmental spending cut from the budget. We will still be adding 7 trillion to the deficit and debt, and still running our country into the ground, and it is the Dems doing this (although the rest of the RINOS sure helped-) compromise? Never again- I want to run over all who oppose fiscal sanity and SMALLER government, grind them into dust, and then piss on the dust.
      They deserve nothing more.

      • Big Dog says:

        And the reality is that they did not hold the government hostage to anything. They were doing the job they were elected to do. Why is it that elections have consequences when Democrats win but that we are terrorists when we win? You can call us terrorists if you want Adam if it makes you feel good but we are not terroristsand we held no one hostage. We want the jobs done and we want the budget under control.

        If you want to apply the terror label then it is your side that is causi ng terrorism to our children and grandchildren.

        Like I said, if living our principles and wanting smaller government and a balanced budget is terror then I am a terrorist and your side had better watch out. You are going to see in 2012.

    • Big Dog says:

      That suggestion goes against the evidence? Let me give you the correct evidence so you will be clear. Debt is defined as what you owe to a creditor, or those from whom we have borrowed money. We take in 200 billion a month and require 20 billion to service the debt. So, unless Obama decides not to pay our debt, we will not default, period. There is your evidence. Will we not pay some of the government programs and agencies, yes but that is not a default.

      Now who is it that is fighting against facts? Unless you know a different definition of default (and I am sure you can invent one) you have nothing to stand on.

  4. Adam says:

    “We are either entering or are in a second recession.”

    You’ve been saying that for 2 years. You’ll probably say it every year until there is a recession for sure. It could be 10 years from now and I’m sure you’ll blame Obama or another Democrat.

    “He ensured he will be a one termer because this will not make the economy better and without a good economy he will not get reelected.”

    I’m with you on that one. Obama gave your side exactly what it wanted and what it wanted is to harm our economy and risk Obama’s reelection.

    Your side’s goal is not to fix the economy or to cut spending. Your side always has just two goals in mind when it takes power. First, keep taxes and regulations low to help the wealthy and the big businesses make more money. Second, destroy the safety nets from the New Deal forward. You don’t care how many poor and middle class Americans your side ruins as long as you reach those two goals.

    • Blake says:

      Adam, when is the last time you got a job from a POOR man, or company, for that matter?
      You natter on about the “Wealthy”, but would you have any problem with more wealth? Most of your most hypocritical liberals do not- they just have a problem with OTHER PEOPLE having that chance at wealth.
      If you are really true to your “liberal” principles, you should be living in a yurt and making hemp sandals for the rest of the poor like you.

    • Blake says:

      You know, it occurred to me that you have no clue about the way things should work in this government and country-
      First, if conservatives were so few, your side would always be in power- but you are not. The people who vote can be fooled by a set of big ears talking, (with “liberal” aid from the totuses)for awhile, but when that person is an economic retard who has never had to actually work for a living, but rather been brough, like some exotic toy dog, along for the ride, well, the public will realize this sooner or later. That is why his poll numbers are beginning to mirror Carter’s.

    • Big Dog says:

      If we did not have the new Deal we would have a lot of middle and Upper class and few lower class. You guys do not want to solve the problem. You want to terrorize our children and grandchildren with your BS about safety nets, your lies about tax cuts for the rich (if it only affected the rich why only want to repeal part of the Bush cuts), and your dishonest dialogue about the debt.

    • Blake says:

      In reply to your sarcastic remark about a second recession- it is 8/5 today (or 8/6) either way, we have lost 1100 points on the stock market- are you still going to keep your head in the sand, Adam?
      At what point do you concede that we might be right? Just AFTER the total collapse that your dear leader wants and has been working toward? Or not even then?

  5. victoria says:

    Why is it that it is the Republicans who have to compromise (actually cave in) and if they do not they are the ones holding the country hostage under the threat of default?They were the ones trying to hold the line on spending–well some of them anyway. It is always Republicans who are seen as the non-compromisers and hostage holders. But what also gets me is that the establishment Republicans actually buy that load of crap.

  6. Ogre says:

    Then again, Big Dog, I guess those who support the TEA Party are terrorists, in way — after all, the Democrats currently are terrified of them (just look at Adam’s reactions)…

  7. Adam says:

    Blake: “If you are really true to your ‘liberal’ principles, you should be living in a yurt and making hemp sandals for the rest of the poor like you.”

    What are you talking about? Liberals don’t hate the rich. That’s a straw man your side made up to make a reasonable tax policy seem unreasonable. Americans don’t fall for it though. The majority of this nations understands that the rich need to pay more in taxes in order to maintain a lower burden of taxes on the poor and middle class.

    Victoria: “It is always Republicans who are seen as the non-compromisers and hostage holders.”

    In this case it’s simply a matter of math. The Democrats run the Senate and the White House. The Republicans run the House. The GOP held 1/3rd of the bargaining power in the debate and put us on the brink of default to force their view on the other 2/3rds. Lucky for all of us the Democrats are spineless and would rather cave than hurt the country. The GOP was ready to hurt all of us to protect the rich from tiny tax increases. Pathetic.

    Ogre: “Then again, Big Dog, I guess those who support the TEA Party are terrorists…”

    No. Not much terrorism going on from walkers, canes and wheel chairs. The TEA Party is just a batch of old outraged white conservatives wrapped in a coating of young people and minorities and tied together with astroturf organizations pulling all the strings.

    Big Dog: “Will we not pay some of the government programs and agencies, yes but that is not a default.”

    Again, this view was not held up by anyone outside of a small core group of people that want fiscal trouble and want an excuse to erode social spending. We were in serious risk of default. We had experts from every presidential administration back to Reagan saying the GOP was playing with fire.

    • Big Dog says:

      According to Adam the GOP held the country hostage. That is not true and the first thing I notice is the metaphor of hostage and gun to head. Shame on you for violating Obama the Great’s call for civility. And I don’t ever want to hear you or any other liberal moron talk about gunsights on a political map being violent. The next liberal who tells me that in a conversation is going to get body slammed.

      As for the country and default, yes I should be concerned with the opinion of people who do politics for a living. Perhaps you believe that since they used the word default it would happen but a default has a meaning in the real world and that definition is not met if you pay your creditors. Once again, the education system in America fails us.

      And yes, this view is held by many people who do not have a vested political interest in using the term for political gain.

      I like how Adam also uses the patently untrue accusation of astroturf. That has been disproven and it has been shown that the TEA Party is full of people of all colors and all political ideologies. But Adam never was one to think on his own. He gets the liberal talking points and spews them. You want real astroturf look at any liberal rally whether it is anti war or for more gubmint handouts. All SEIU and Soros backed organizations trying to influence government.

      Adam calls us hostage takers when we were trying to save the republic. Once we end up like Greece I hope that we take all the people who caused this, who voted for this, and who said it would make things better and hang them around DC until they stop struggling at the end of the rope. Get rid of them for good, ALL OF THEM. Once we actually default (we are at 100% GDP borrowing now) and hit rock bottom I advocate getting rid of all social programs, not just scaling them back. Not willing to compromise now, lose it all later.

      As for the rich and tax policy, keep lying Adam. The only straw man is the one placed by the left. It involves saying the rich need to pay their fair share when they already pay almost all the taxes. The problem is your liberal education has kept you from learing what fair is.

      If we used your idea of fair in baseball then your Dodgers would have to give 95% of the runs they score in each game to any team that has a worse record. Would that be OK with you? Yankees, Dodgers have more money and can pay more for their players to get the better ones so, to make it fair and all, they have to give 95% of what they score to the lesser teams.

      That is how you liberals see taxes. You set that straw man up that the rich do not pay enough in order to excuse the unpatriotic who pay no taxes.

    • Blake says:

      Adam, “Millionaires, billionaires, and corporate jet owners..” Sound familiar?
      That is your dear leader (from the rear) demagoging the people who ccreate jobs- ironically, jugears has never created even one job, has had to balance no paychecks or budgets (now we know why no budgets for the last 3 years- he is incapable of doing this).
      And actually, the majority of Americans are Tea Party people- they are what Nixon and others used to call the “Silent Majority”- and if you want to call us “terrorists”, well, then I will wear that with pride, because as long as I am terrorizing progressive socialist asshat liberals, I am a happy man.

  8. victoria says:

    and if you want to call us “terrorists”, well, then I will wear that with pride, because as long as I am terrorizing progressive socialist asshat liberals, I am a happy man.

    Never mind the real terrorists. You gotta wonder if the “progressive socialist asshat liberals” as you call them listen to themselves at all.

  9. Adam says:

    Big Dog: “Shame on you for violating Obama the Great’s call for civility.”

    Shame on the Tea Party for helping the GOP hold our economy hostage. The public isn’t stupid. We know the GOP screwed us because of the Tea Party and the Tea Party is going to suffer now because of it.

    “As for the rich and tax policy, keep lying Adam.”

    I have not lied about a single thing. You know better but it’s easier to call me a liar and say “NO! You’re using a strawman!” than to actually point out what I lied about or what my straw man is. Now, Blake repeating your side’s myth about how we hate the rich and want to tax them until we all have the same amount of money? A lie and a strawman, but that’s just your average day for a conservative.

    Blake: “And actually, the majority of Americans are Tea Party people…”

    Do you write your own comedy or do you have a team that helps you?

    • Blake says:

      No Adam- I get my comedy from reading your stuff- bari will be a one term wonder, just like carter- and the “great experiment”* will be dead.

      Great Experiment- Having someone totally incapable in the office of the President.

    • Big Dog says:

      The TEA Party will gain even more seats. Not pay and we did not hold anyone hostage. But I better never hear you cry about crosshairs…