City Officer Laid to Rest As New Governor Avoids Responsibility

I wrote last week about the Baltimore City police officer that was killed by a thug right after he had gotten off duty. The suspect is in the hospital and when he is released he will be charged with murder. He should not have been on the street because he had been arrested 17 times and he was due to appear in court for two illegal handgun violations. The officer, Troy Chesley Sr, was laid to rest today at Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens, the place they put our fallen heroes. During the service, Mayor Martin O’Malley spoke. O’Malley, who will be sworn in as Governor on Wednesday, gave an interesting eulogy.

He stated that it was wrong that a man who had been arrested (and then he counted from 1 to 17 very slowly and dramatically) took one of our own from us. It is a shame when a criminal takes anyone but it is more tragic when that person is on the street because the liberal judicial allows them to roam freely. This animal had been arrested a number of times and had two handgun violations. There was no reason to allow him out on bail and every judge who allowed him to go free should be forced to resign. They should all be held culpable for the death of Chesley.

O’Malley though, never missed a beat. He told everyone how tragic it was and how criminals do not belong out on the street. Strangely, O’Malley always told us that crime was down in the city he ran. Murders were down (they were in number but not per capita because the population of the city has decreased) and he was running a tight ship. In reality, he allowed his crime statistics to be fudged and he just gave the State’s Attorney for Baltimore an 83,000 dollar pay raise. How can this person get such a raise if criminals are roaming the street and how can O’Malley give out such a pay raise?

It is also interesting to note that O’Malley’s wife is a judge in Baltimore. I wonder how many criminals like this she has let off. I wonder if she ever dealt with the guy who killed Chesley? I wonder if Martin ever told his wife to be tough on those nasty criminals or did he do what all liberal weenies do, allow them to go free because no one deserves to be locked up. Martin says he is tough on crime but the murder rate in Baltimore does not support that assertion. He says that he is tough on crime but he is against the death penalty and one of the first things the Democratic Legislature is going to do is try to abolish the death penalty.

At noon on Wednesday O’Malley will swear in as Governor. He has been real good all through his political career at blaming others and pointing his fingers. He will have no one to point those fingers at (except of course George Bush) when he is in the Governor’s Mansion. He will be the top banana and therein lies the problem. O’Malley has told everyone he want to do for the state what he has done for the city. Given his dismal record in the city it will not be long before cops throughout the state are being gunned down by criminals who were released multiple times by a lax judicial system. The cops are the lucky ones, they have guns so they can at least try to protect themselves. The liberal idiots in Maryland politics won’t allow the law abiding citizens to carry guns, we are too dangerous.

The guy who shot Chesley was arrested 17 times and had two handgun violations. He was not allowed to carry a gun but he got caught carrying one twice and the third time he used the gun he was not supposed to have to kill an officer. Yep, to Martin and the others, we are the dangerous ones. The safe ones get out of jail free and carry all the guns they want.

It is going to be a long four years.

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