Cindy Sheehan Needs To Prove This

Momma Moonbat Cindy Sheehan has written a piece at Buzzflash where she goes on her typical anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-anything she does not agree with rant. The article contains, as does anything ever written about or by her, the information that her son was killed in Iraq. We are always made aware of that as if it is supposed to give legitimacy to her activities. Her protests stopped being about Casey and started being all about Cindy quite some time ago. I think Cindy is guilt ridden because, as I previously pointed out, she is responsible for the death of her son. She is blaming it on Bush but that is merely transference, a simple way for her to redirect to someone else (in this case, George Bush).

I usually ignore Sheehan because she is as irritating as a swarm of gnats but not nearly as attractive. But, I read the piece and it has a number of typical moonbat rantings, most of which are ridiculous. Her claims that the war in Iraq is about oil (where is all this oil?), the claim that there were no WMD in Iraq, something the Duelfer report indicates can not be ruled out, and of course the obligatory references to Bush and his disregard for the Constitution and all things decent. She even threw in a few headlines about “peaceful” anti war protesters being arrested. It has been my experience that anti war protesters are not peaceful and when they are they break other laws like trespassing and destruction of property. They seem to think that the right to peacefully assemble means they can break other laws in pursuit of their goal. Hell, look how Cindy used a straw man to purchase property so she could be near Bush and skirt around laws designed to keep the place peaceful.

I probably would not have known about this particular piece she wrote if it had not been for Sonnabend who made me aware of a certain part of her article that is particularly disturbing. In the article Cindy Sheehan tells this story:

I have a story to share. When I was in Jordan with the peace contingent, meeting with Iraqi parliamentarians, we heard the testimony of a Sheik who is also a respected mullah in Iraq. He told us that members of the US Army broke into his house, raped his wife, beat him severely, and took him to prison where he was further tortured in compliance with George‘s barbaric and cruel policies. All of this happened in front of his teenage son.

Listening to him describe his injuries and the awful treatment he received from my country, I apologized to him, weeping. No human being should treat another human being so inhumanely.

He listened, then he said this: “My son’s dream is to get a rifle and climb up on to a roof top and assassinate Americans. I will tell him that there are Americans like you and encourage him not to do this thing.” Buzzflash

I am sorry but this is beyond the pale. She is making accusations that she can not back up and she has made those accusations at the expense of the US Military. Momma Moonbat learned her lessons from John Kerry (who, by the way, was in Vietnam) very well. All she has to do is print stuff like this and a certain segment of the population will believe it based solely upon her saying that it is so. I am surprised she did not throw in the words “in a manner reminiscent of Jen-Jis Khan.” Now that would have been the icing on the cake but that line has been used and it too was false. I think it is important when people make these kinds of accusations to be able to provide details including the names of those involved, where the incidents took place and names and unit of the people involved (if any of that was somehow obtained). Someone should also point out to Cindy that if this kid feels like taking pot shots at Americans it is because the Imams have been preaching hatred toward us forever. He was probably being fitted for his bomb vest when all of this allegedly took place. Lastly, if this happened to a sheik, why has it never been reported. A sheik is not the run of the mill person and this guy’s presence at such a meeting shows he has connections. I guess I would also ask if his wife was stoned to death as are many victims of rape in that part of the world.

I am afraid that I am not convinced just because some Iraqi made the claim. I am not convinced when any follower of Islam makes claims because lying to further Islam is accepted in that religion. Additionally, people in that part of the world lie all the time with regard to disputes. A lot of Iraqis lie to Americans about being wronged so they can get American dollars when our government rushes in to settle things. Considering the Dinar is worth about 6/1000 of a dollar, can you really blame them? I might also add that this is the case if the incident actually happened. It is not beyond Sheehan to make up such an incident to make her point seem more valid. We can thank Bill and Hillary for teaching her that. To them, it does not matter if the story is true so long as it sounded good and it scored them points (Hillary was named after Sir Edmund Hillary or Bill saying Republicans criticized him for going after bin Laden). These are convenient stories designed to give validity or importance to the things they say. Cindy might just have done such a thing. She never names the accuser and she never says how it is that a person from that part of the world gave a woman the time of day and assigned importance to her. You see, Cindy is all about her own ego and that last part about telling his son there are Americans like you sounds like something she would fabricate to elevate her own importance. If I were a foreigner and you had a bunch of Cindy Sheehans, I would want to attack you too.

As I stated though, the kool-aid induced rantings of momma moonbat Cindy Sheehan are not something that I usually pay any attention to. She is well past her 15 minutes and quite honestly I would rather slide down a razor blade naked into a pool of alcohol than listen to her. Having stated that I am in full agreement with Sonnabend who wrote that Sheehan needs to prove it or retract it.

Next time Sheehan goes over there can we send her to the area where they kidnap Americans and lop off their heads? It might give her a better perspective on the kinds of folks we are dealing with and, who knows, it might just shut her up.

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3 Responses to “Cindy Sheehan Needs To Prove This”

  1. Bos'un says:

    Sounds like Cindy is really stretching freedom of speech. She is pathetic.

  2. Insofar as possible, I ignore Cindy Sheehan. She’s deluded beyond belief. Too much time on the bong?

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