Cindy Sheehan Killed Her Own Son

I have not heard much from the momma moonbat in a while but her name was brought up in a conversation about Ann Coulter’s book and the idea that the left parades “victims” out in front and decries any attack on them. I agree with Ann on the point because it is so very true. Every time the left wants to make some kind of point they parade someone who has been affected and then if there is any criticism the MSM is all over talking about how cruel and insensitive the criticiser is.

This was true with Cindy Sheehan. She lost a son in Iraq (in the Army he volunteered to join on a mission he volunteered to go on) in case you did not notice. She was out parading around discussing how George Bush killed her son and every time someone said something about her, it was “How can they attack that woman who lost her son? If you have not lost a son, you do not know what it is like.” There is a bit of merit to that but I do not have to stab my self with a knife to know that it will hurt. I do not have to lose a child to know that it is a painful experience, and one for which I have empathy.

Sheehan though, went around the country and blamed George Bush for her son’s death. It was Bush who started the illegal (her words) war that took her son’s life. She has done nothing but blame George Bush for the entire incident and she has been so disgraceful about it that her family has practically disowned her. I have a different take on the whole situation.

Momma Moonbat

CINDY SHEEHAN WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF HER SON. SHE KILLED HER OWN SON! Let us look at facts. Let us assume for a minute that she is right about the war being illegal. Bush did not draft her son. Bush did not compel her son to join. Despite this, Sheehan blames him because her son joined and was killed. Well, Cindy allowed him to join the service. She was there with him every day (Bush never met him) and she was an influence in his life. She loved him so much and yet she allowed him to join the service and go to a war she believes is illegal. Cindy Sheehan has failed miserably as a mother because she was not able to protect her son. There is one thing that parents are supposed to do, protect their children. Cindy Sheehan was not able to do that one thing and her son died because of her neglect. Now Cindy, like victims of Hurricane Katrina, wants to blame the government because she failed to be responsible.

You see, in typical liberal fashion, Cindy Sheehan expected that the government would take care of the things that she was unable or unwilling to do. During Katrina, people did not prepare and did not ensure their own safety so when the hurricane hit they were in a bad way. The only thing to do was blame the federal government because they were not there to be a savior. Cindy Sheehan has that same attitude. What she is really saying is; “Mr. President, I was a terrible mother to my son and failed in my basic duty to protect him. Because I was a poor mother my son was killed. I blame you for that because you did not protect my son from me.”

Stuck On Stupid

The unfortunate thing is that many a liberal has jumped aboard the C train and taken up the cause by blaming Bush. Many of the Hollywood elites and the so called leaders like Jesse Jackson have come to momma moonbat’s side. That is because, they too, expect the government to be there to protect us from our own failures. Cindy Sheehan is one such failure. She failed as a mother and that is the worst failure there is.

Stop the ACLU | Sister Toldjah

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4 Responses to “Cindy Sheehan Killed Her Own Son”

  1. Laurie says:

    I found a very interesting statement directed at this woman, one I find very true. I posted about it here.

  2. […] Cindy Sheehan Needs To Prove This By Big Dog at Big Dog’s WeblogOctober 2, 2006 at 8:47 am in Feature Article, View from the Left Momma Moonbat Cindy Sheehan has written a piece at Buzzflash where she goes on her typical anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-anything she does not agree with rant. The article contains, as does anything ever written about or by her, the information that her son was killed in Iraq. We are always made aware of that as if it is supposed to give legitimacy to her activities. Her protests stopped being about Casey and started being all about Cindy quite some time ago. I think Cindy is guilt ridden because, as I previously pointed out, she is responsible for the death of her son. She is blaming it on Bush but that is merely transference, a simple way for her to redirect to someone else (in this case, George Bush). […]

  3. Michelle says:

    Wait a minute. Cindy Sheehan’s a bad mother because her son enlisted, and she didn’t stop him? She didn’t protect him from WHOM??? George W. Bush, that’s who.

    Her son joined because he believed and trusted his President. If Bush had not lied, then Casey would be alive today, whether or not he joined the service. Cindy Sheehan has a right to be angry. This is a war being fought on false pretenses, many, many false pretenses, and so many lies it’s dizzying. Meanwhile young people are dying, and everyone acts as if it’s okay that they are throwing their lives away for nothing.

    We aren’t safer. Iraq isn’t freer. There were no WMD’s. And now Iraq doesn’t even want Democracy. We didn’t even get any oil out of it. All we did was de-stabilize the region so an attack on Iran might be easier. Oh, and we created the perfect training ground for more terrorists by bringing weapons and military training, to Iraq, so they could join up, defect, and shoot at our troops. Nice thinking, W.

    I think if he knew exactly what he had died for, Casey Sheehan would be turning in his grave.

  4. Big Dog says:

    I think if Casey knew what his moonbat mother was doing he would be turning in his grave. George Bush did not call him up or encourage him. Cindy was right there and she did not stop him.

    Will you change your tune if they find WMD?