Cindy Sheehan For Mother Of The Year

First it took her forever to get a headstone for the son she was responsible for killing and now she has used some of the insurance money she got after his death to buy property in Crawford Texas. Cindy Sheehan bought the property so that she could take her band of gypsies down there to harass the President when he goes on vacation. Apparently, momma moonbat has figured a way to get around laws to prevent the protests. I think it would be funny if Bush just went on vacation somewhere else or if he went during either the hottest or wettest part of the year. Of course, that would not matter because momma moonbat stays in a hotel when she is in Crawford and just pretends to be toughing it out. She does her protests like she does her fasts (the one in which she appears to have gained weight. But, maybe she is just retaining water.

I would like to get a group of veterans together and protest in front of Sheehan’s house for a few weeks. We could all sit around singing marching songs and raise hell while the moonbat is trying to get some sleep. I bet she would be the first one to call the cops. Perhaps we should see if Casey’s grave has a headstone and if not, protest there until he gets one. Surely momma moonbat has enough money (though the VA will pay for it).

It is truly sad to see a human being come completely apart. Sheehan says she is distraught over the death of her son but her escapades rapidly became less about him and more about her and the attention she got from the liberals. She is being used as a sock puppet for the left and has been disgracing the memory of her son and his honorable service since not long after her crusade began. i don’t know if she has feelings of inadequacy because she abandoned him as a child or if she feels badly that she was responsible for his death but she has completely lost it.

To paraphrase Ann Coulter, I have never seen a mother get so much mileage out of her son’s death.


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One Response to “Cindy Sheehan For Mother Of The Year”

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