CIA Officer Fired, How Long Before Bush Blamed?

A CIA employee in the Inspector General’s office where she was supposed to investigate leaks of classified information, was fired for leaking classified information. Most of the stories coming out about the leaker, whose name the CIA will not release but is reported to be Mary O. McCarthy, have dealt with how she got her job, and how it could be viewed as hypocritical that President Bush let information be released but she was fired for this. Some stories talk about her past and how other employees say she worked within the constraints and rules of her job. Flash back to Scooter Libby and the way the drive by media treated him when he was indicted for perjury (not leaking). Think further back to when the DBM was on a daily hunt for the leaker and were salivating at the prospect that the Bush administration would topple. They wanted the leaker punished for the crime despite the fact that more than 30 news organizations submitted documents to the court indicating that it was doubtful a law had been broken. Yes, the DBM was all over it demanding justice when it believed that members of the administration were involved. Why have they not gone after McCarthy with as much zeal?

Perhaps it is because she is a liberal who supports liberal causes and liberal candidates. You see, to the DBM liberals can do no wrong because their actions are in the interest of the greater good as opposed to the wicked Republicans who are only out for themselves. McCarthy was appointed by Sandy Berger during the Clinton administration and she donated money to the presidential campaign of John Kerry. None of this matters as far as civil servants are concerned in the execution of their daily jobs but it does explain why the DBM has not made a big fuss about her dismissal. I am waiting because I am almost certain the allegations will shortly fly. She was released because she is liberal or appointed by Berger, or came from the Clinton administration or is a scape goat for the Bush administration’s failings etc….

This woman will be a martyr because she disclosed information concerning secret jails in other countries. She will be the cause celeb because she will be held up as the newest scandal concocted by the DNC. She will be the rallying cry as have so many other causes that have fizzled. Yes, Howard Dean will be telling us that she was fired because Bush is trying to show that it was Clinton people who could not keep a secret. He or Pelosi will probably claim that this is a deliberate firing to make it look like Republicans are not the only ones leaking information (though I remind you that no Republican has been charged with leaking anything).

There is an old saying that goes something like “be careful what you ask for.” In this case the DBM has been demanding that leaks (curiously, they were only concerned with the leak of a liberal’s identity, Valerie Plame) be investigated and those responsible, fired. Well, leaks were investigated and someone was fired. Just turns out is what not what they were expecting.

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One Response to “CIA Officer Fired, How Long Before Bush Blamed?”

  1. Bosun says:

    Hey, It was Bush’s fault. She was a carry over from Clinton and he did not fire her. Doubt that the jackass lefti press will say that one. Oh, they will find some way to blame our President.

    Maybe Harry Reid will find a way to link her to President Bush. He has a habit of making irresponsible comments.